Vintage Modern Apartment in Germany

You’re going to love this apartment… I’m thrilled that I can show it to you today because I didn’t expect my interview with this apartment dweller to run so soon. My editor over at Cookie magazine just informed me that the tour I pulled together for their site is live. Yay! I’m very excited about this because it’s a city abode in Hannover where I happen to also live part-time when I’m not in New Hampshire and I really want the city to get a little press lovin’ since you don’t hear about Hannover that often. Soooo many great artists and designers live in some pretty swank apartments there like this one below!

Note: only one of the photos shown here (first one below) is on the Cookie site, the rest are extras Kerstin sent over for me to run here on decor8… that way what you see over there is not what you’re viewing here — so double your pleasure!

The tour I’m taking you on over at Cookie is one I’m proud of because it was quite a challenge to pull together because Kerstin, who lives in this gorgeous space, does not speak fluent English and I’m not yet fluent in German so we needed a translator. Fortunately for us, we both share the same friend (Anne Wendlendt/Enna) and she worked with both Kerstin Reilemann/Domestic Candy and I to make the interview happen so thanks Anne for that.

Great living room space, huh? She found this vintage wooden elephant who nearly became firewood! Yes, really. I’m glad she rescued him for her little son.

Her small balcony, I love the old building she lives in — such pretty windows and brick.

Large hallway/entry with original hardwood floors.

Another view of the hallway which appears to be an “L” shape.

Sunny, cozy kitchen.

More kitchen views.

Master bedroom. Love this color combo!

Some bedroom artwork.

Emil, who is 2-years-old and in my eyes, a very lucky boy because his mommy put so much love and care into his room.

He even has his own store thanks to his creative parents, his store comes complete with wooden fruits and veggies which are quite popular in German toy stores which tend to have more wood products available vs. plastic.

I really enjoyed learning more about Kerstin, her small family of three, and her inspirations as a designer. I’ve already arranged with Anne to meet Kerstin this year so I’m very excited to soon know the lady behind this home. To read my interview with her and to view even more photos of her home, please click here.

Thanks Anne and Kerstin!

(images from kerstin reilemann)