Happy Weekend!

The weeeeekend is here! Can you tell I’m excited? There is so much going on in my world over the next few days so I’m feeling particularly ready to finish work today and get started on my plans. I’d like to wish you all a fabulous few days to yourself, I hope you find lots of creative projects to keep you busy, that you’re able to relax a little and that you enjoy spending time with your family. I’m signing off now so I’ll meet you back here on Monday morning, deal?

precious things

By the way… I’d like to give a special little shout out to my lovely students in the Blogging Your Way class, we had our last day of class this week and it was such a pleasure for me to teach about creative writing and how to find your voice as a blogger. It certainly added a whole new layer to my personal experience online as a writer and I feel like I have 208 new friends as a result. Thank you BYW friends!

I’ll see everyone on Monday!

(image by holly becker for decor8)