Pretty Mouse Pads

I first bought a My Favorite Mirror mouse pad at the Renegade craft show a few years ago and I’ve been addicted to them ever since — they’re just so pretty and I love the fact that they’re 7.5? round because it’s a tough size and shape to find at your local office supply store but it’s the shape I love and work best with.

::new mousepad::

My new mouse pad arrived on Friday and I want to share it with you, shown above, this one was $15 and is called Red Hygrophorus Mushrooms and designed by California artist Jill Bliss (whom I adore). I love it because it’s soft and pretty without being too sweet, I guess you can say that it’s “just right” for me. Here are a few of my favorites:

Mouse Pads

a. Typewriter b. Bicyclette c. Redwood sorrell d. California poppy.

Mouse Pads

e. A polkadot owl f. Red hygrophorus mushrooms g. Bicheno bird h. Appledress girl.

Do you have a fun mouse pad source that you’d like to share?

(images: top - holly becker for decor8, two below: my favorite mirror)