La Merceria Cafe & Gift Shop

It’s been a while since I’ve heard from Sandra who owns La Merceria (featured here Jan 08) but I never forget a good story with heart. Last week something I saw out and about reminded me of her and since I was so inspired by her story — in a nutshell she started her first cafe/design shop in Toronto alongside of her husband, Marcelo Chinni, to follow her dreams — this never left my memory. Following dreams! Dreams! Following them! How can anyone not feel inspired just by hearing those two words combined?

La Merceria

I’m always impressed by the Sandras and Marcelos of the world, it takes a lot of courage and work to turn your horse around and venture down a path not yet explored. Especially when there is a lot to potentially lose. Though I think you lose more by not trying to reach your goal, I believe that even if you reach your dream and then fail you’ve still won. Curious to see how La Merceria is doing, I peeked in on them by visiting blogTO and noticed that they now have a website and a blog which thrilled me. They’re still in business (hey, in these times this is quite an accomplishment) and apparantly thriving.

La Merceria {Toronto}

On their blog I found out that they’ve expanded the selection of wares in their shop to include a curated collection of clothes for women and they’re currently adding new household products they’ll soon be selling. Here is a sampling of what I found in their shop that I want. Okay, after cappuccino and croissants… Would you like to enjoy one with me first? Oh good. :)

La Merceria

La Merceria

Flavored homemade marshmallows by Butter Baked Goods, Linen scented egg soaps from Lothantique, Teroforma linen napkins and Berard olive wood accessories from France. Especially the linen scented egg soaps — how sweet!

Not shown but mentioned on their blog (and these items are worth linking to) Tocca body polish and dresses by mymommadethat. I love the simple beauty in all of these pieces, no fuss but still chic and I love the whole self care/love your home life theme throughout this space if that makes sense at all. It does to me, at least. :)

(images: la merceria and blogTO)