Musical Thursday

I know, I’m a day late with this so please forgive me. I came down with a killer MSG reaction yesterday from eating out (Indian) and man, I was down for the count for several hours and barely slept last night. Today I need lots of music, for sure! Here’s who I’m listening to this week.

Musical Thursday

a. Pink Martini - I never heard of this group until last week, thanks to several readers who pointed me their way. I’m hooked! I immediately ordered Hey Eugene and Hang on Little Tomato. My husband is now a fan, too. I love the song Lilly because it reminds me of my friend, Paris, and her dog Lilly and Let’s Never Stop Falling In Love because the second I heard it I grabbed my husband and started dancing right in the middle of the work day. It’s catchy and fantastic. The vibe is super upbeat. I love the cover of the cd shown above, doesn’t it remind you of a Doisneau photo? They are going to be in Boston tonight, I wish I had tickets!

b. Paolo Conte - I’ve been a fan for ten years, introduced to him by my husband who loves Italian music — ah this man is fantastic. He’s been called the Italian Frank Sinatra only a bit rough around the edges - his voice is grainy and his lyrics tell stories. I love his moody style, his sound, everything - the atmosphere that suddenly pops up around you when you play his music is the best, it’s like having a pop-up Rome in your back pocket. Whenever you want to travel there, you just put on a little Gioco d’azzardo, Gelato Al Limon, Happy Feet or Gli Impermeabili and you’re on your very own Roman holiday. This is going to sound wacky, but I have a crush on Tony Bourdain, travel writer, chef, television host of No Reservations, and I imagine that if Tony could sing he’d sound like Paolo. ha!

c. Melody Gardot - I found out about 23-year-old blues/jazz singer-songwriter via Alex and I’ve not looked back since. I think I’ve played her CD, My One and Only Thrill, a million times since it arrived a few weeks ago. My favorite songs from this cd are My One And Only Thrill (beautiful lyrics), Our Love Is Easy, If The Stars Were Mine and Your Heart Is As Black As Night (love her ‘tude her). In addition to her gorgeous music, her personal story is touching and inspiring, she was, “hit by a vehicle while riding her bike at age nineteen. Following her accident, Gardot was instructed to take up music therapy as a way to rebuild her cognitive impairment. Before her accident she had played piano and it was suggested that music therapy, which has been shown to help redefine neural pathways, would benefit her. Since then, she often speaks and advocates in favor of music therapy. In the accident, she hurt her pelvis, so she couldn’t sit to play the piano. During that time, she learned how to play the guitar. To this day, she needs a cane to walk, and, when performing, she sits on a special chair (or stands). Besides that, she also became sensitive to both light and sound.” - Wikipedia.

d. The Courteeners from Manchester, England. I saw them live in March and they were amazing. The lead vocalist is dreamy to look at (blush) but his voice is divine and I love how he really gets into his performance, you can feel his own energy and it’s nothing short of magical. St. Jude is a great CD, especially Not Nineteen Forever which really reminds me of The Killers (whom I also love). It makes sense though as both bands are heavily influenced by Morrissey. I guess you really have to be into this alternative rock to get it, which I am obsessed with, so I dig it. If anyone is from Boston and remembers Dave and British Accents, please comment because there was nothing like his Sunday radio show and when he used to throw down at The Pill.

What are your musical faves this week?

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