Urban Outfitters Fall Preview '09

Urban Outfitters sent out their Fall Preview recently and I couldn’t have loved what I saw more. The preview books reminded me of Lena and Mav’s lovely Lines & Shapes or Mav and Stephanie’s 3191 Year of Mornings. The UO presentation is clean, minimalist and more grown up than usual. Still a younger version of their big sister Anthropologie, but more mature still. And I loved the big poster that they included, the paper smells lovely (I know, sick aren’t I?) and the paper feels divine - I just may hang it on my wall this Autumn with it’s creamy texture and subdued color palette. I’m glad they put such care and thought into their choice of paper, it seems to be recycled.

Urban Outfitters Fall 2009

Urban Outfitters Fall 2009

I like the message on the mirror, “Take Me As I Am”. A good message for us all, right?

Urban Outfitters Fall 2009

I only wish they’d included a press contact or CD inside because I would have loved to share their Fall line up. These images will have to do for now. And of course, you can always snoop around the U.O. website as I’m sure the Autumn goodies will start showing up soon enough.

Here are a few things I found from their current collection that I would consider adding to my own nest if I weren’t packing up to move. I’m not exactly college age so I tried to find things that I’d say would fit the post-college crowd. ;)

Urban Outfitters Faves

a. Tiny Ceramic Basket by Perch! in Brooklyn, b. +oo chair by Blu Dot, c. Double Wire Basket, d. Rattan pouf, e. Desk Tidy, f. Granny Smith Container and g. Ceramic noodle cup.

By the way, have you noticed the crazy selection of off beat cameras they’re stocking lately? LOVE them.

(images: photos by holly becker, all from urban outfitters)