Shelf Lust & Random Musings

Don't worry, I'm not going to wax on about PB and I know these ladder-esque shelving units have been around forever so I'm certainly not trying to call out some new trend, but I can't take my eyes off of this shelf and how badly I want it for my kitchen. Only one though, not 3 or 5 or 100. One will do.

Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn

And yes please Pottery Barn people, I'll take the baskets along the bottom because even though I'm not basket obsessed I definitely like a few in the right place for the texture and this is indeed the right place. I imagine glass bottles of juice and water concealed inside, golden shiny lids and pretty labels peeking from the top. And of course I want to stack loads of white dishware and other miscellany on them because well, it's the simple pleasures in life and white pottery is just so delish. And the wine rack in the natural wood, that's a nice touch and I think they sell those for like .05 at IKEA.

White dishware is a huge trend right now, have you noticed? It dominates most store displays and magazines. I think it's due to all the foodies and this huge trend wave of chefs and chef-owned this and chef-owned that. Whoever told their kid that growing up to become a cook was stupid and they should get into stocks just may be regretting that advice these days. Foodies abound in every shape and form from shop owners obsessed with strainers to food photographers, books, celeb owned restaurants, you name it... and it's only growing. Who ever thought you'd hear the word "celebrity" and "chef" in the same sentence? That time is now and I say it's about time because a good chef is the bomb.

I went to the bookstore recently and found about 5 new magazines devoted to cooking. And of course, the naked chef Jamie Oliver is the male Martha Stewart abroad and I'm guessing he is America-bound to conquer and dominate over here too because I'm starting to see his face everywhere and it's great. My local Barnes & Noble has a monster size section devoted to cookbooks. It makes the interior design section look like a joke - we have about 3 aisles of cookbooks vs. the one aisle for home decorating and architecture. And speaking of books, Stephanie Meyer started some kind of vampire trend. Sheesh. Every single teen book (even tween) out there right now is about some teen angst/vampire drama. I can't wait to see the next Twilight though, so I'm on the bandwagon with the best of 'em. I guess when it comes to trends, when it rains it pours!

The food culture is a huge "trend" thing right now along with kitchen gadgets and food shows. I imagine it's due to all the staycations Americans are taking, and I imagine other cultures feeling the economic crunch are staying in and dining out less too. Then of course there is that film that just released, Food Inc. which I'd like to see on one hand but I'm terrified on the other because I hate the mistreatment of cutie animals and may just cry my eyes out. I'm so sensitive to things like that. Have you watched it? What are your thoughts? I think it's really important that as a culture we are better educated because only through knowledge and passion can change occur, so I'll go see it before I move and have a good cry. I know once I do I will most likely make a lot of changes in my own diet. It will also make me more aware of how food is handled and processed before it lands on my plate and being a research nut I will look into how German farms handle their animals and overall production of goods. I heard that in Germany things are pretty strict and food is of much better quality than in most other western countries, so we'll see. All I know is that when I am there and have yogurt I nearly fall off my chair because something that amazing without the words REALLY BAD FOR YOU on the container can't possibly be healthy. But it is.

Now back to decorating and kitchens. When it comes to the kitchen I'd say this look about nails my style. My style if I had $100,000 to renovate a kitchen that is. So for now we'll keep the lust list attainable with an inexpensive spruce up, namely one Pottery Barn Studio Wall shelf in white. I could even go wild and paint each shelf light gray for a little contrast action -- oooo wild times!

Seeing all those flags reminds me that July 4th is right around the corner. Where is the year going? Is it just me or what?

(images: pottery barn)