Happy Weekend!

Hallo everyone! I hope that you have a wonderful weekend, I plan to be very busy visiting with friends and family, unpacking, cleaning our apartment and getting it stocked with groceries because there is nothing in the cabinets! I will also sort through lots of mail and magazines that have been arriving since we were here last in December -- 8 months of mail is quite daunting but I have lots of German and Dutch design magazines in the pile waiting for me along with some nice catalogs so it will be FUN to sort through it all. I love fun mail (no bills, yet). The weather is beautiful here - tons of sunshine and warm temps - so the welcome to Germany couldn't be any nicer.

London Loot!

Here's some loot from London, I picked these magazines up yesterday there before catching our flight. I couldn't believe it when our flight was only 55 minutes from London to Hannover - wow! I can't believe how close I live to one of my favorite cities in the world. Exciting! Watch out London, I'm flying back up to visit you knowing how close I am and how cheap it is to grab flights.

I hope you have a nice weekend my dear friends, I'll be popping in over the next few weeks to say hello and post from time to time, but I have lots of lovely guests sharing their favorite things to keep you busy while I'm getting my life set up and such. Hope you've been enjoying My Favorite Things... I think it's a wonderful way to not only learn more about some great people, but through their words (I've been editing them so of course I'm reading along too!) I think each of them are inspiring in so many different ways -- though the message running through them all is clear -- we all have cherished things in our home and it's important to pause and reflect on that fact and realize that we don't always need to run out and shop or be like anyone else when we're decorating. We can decorate using what we love as all of my contributors have been showing on decor8 over the past week.

Remember -- the best things in life are really are free -- our cherished possessions but also our memories and interactions with others -- who inspires us, what advice we've heard that made a difference, these kinds of things,  don't you think? I hope that as you've been following My Favorite Things that you've been putting together a mental list of some of your favorite things too. What would you list? What is the best advice you've been given? Who has inspired your life? Feel free to tell me below if you feel like sharing... I'd love to know. :)

See you again on Monday!



(image: holly becker for decor8)