Sandra Juto: My Favorite Things

A few of my favorite things: Sanda Juto

Hi, I'm Sandra and I'm visiting while Holly is moving as part of her guest series and these are a few of my favorite things in my apartment here in Sweden.

Sandra Juto

This is what I meet everytime I step into my home, the wall shows some things made by me and my husband and some things made by other artists. The T83 comes from old licence plates which we found in the forest and the T stands for the region my husband was born, 83 was the year. I like the colour of the walls, the rest of our home is painted white.

Sandra Juto

For a month we were wondering why we were sleeping so bad, it was because the legs of the bed has gotten weak, the bed wasn't so stable anymore. We simply removed the legs and the crate made a perfect bedside table. The sailors are made by my husband Johan and they help us dream about great adventures.

Sandra Juto

At the moment we have fresh lemons from Crete at home, sent to me by a blog reader called Franzi who lives there. It's one of the best presents I've ever got.

Sandra Juto

I love these owls from Gnip, they entertain me everyday in my studio and sometimes I think it's them who make it so messy here, not me ;)

Sandra Juto

Our sofa is really really small and these two handsome men never want to share it with me, so it's mostly them sitting there. Sometimes I tell them to leave and wrap myself in the blanket I've made of soft alpaca yarn. Makes me happy it is Autumn soon.

I find my biggest inspiration in stories, both in movies and books and especially from people I meet or eavesdropping on the tram, at cafés etc. I watch the whole Twin Peaks series about one time a year, it's so filled with great moods, pictures and music.

When feeling uninspired I take out my camera for a walk, drink sparkling wine, daydream.

A favourite advice comes from my mother 'Be mindful and don't value', I love it because it shows how much she cares and it has helped me to realize I can see things without searching for an opinion about them. This has helped me away from many of my negative thoughts and to appreciate the moment I'm in without hurrying to the next step.

Thank you Holly for including me in your "A few of my favourite things" series, wish you the best of luck moving! - Sandra

(photographs: Sandra Juto)