Hello Friends (and e-class info)

Hi everyone! Just checking in to let you know I'm still here -- reading comments, publishing posts from guest writers, and of course enjoying the beautiful weather in green and sunny Germany! I am soooo in love with my new life here - everything feels so fresh and new to me now that I know I won't be going back and forth living between here and America. Though that was fun for the last 5 years, I really want to "nest" a little by staying one place for a longer period of time so I can really learn about life and culture here instead of always feeling like I'm just passing through. I am finally able to do all of the little things I couldn't before living a bi-continental lifestyle -- like getting a normal handy contract (cell phone plan), joining a health spa, subscribing to my favorite magazines, little things like that. It feels good to be a bit more stable in a single location. Plus now, I can start racking up enough time so that I can eventually obtain dual citizenship - to be both an American citizen and European Union citizen is something I can actually do at some point now that I live here. Yay!

Catching up on mag reading

Oh and I want to also let some of you know, since I told you that I'd announce this on August 10th (I am a day late, my apologies), that I will be teaching another Blogging Your Way e-class! Yay! I'm so excited and look forward to the next class very much. It won't be a Part 2 of the first one, rather a whole new "intro" class just like the April one with podcasts and a forum just as before. I was thinking of having it this Autumn, but given that it's already August 11 and I have so much to do here over the next few months, I wouldn't be able to do it until November and I fear that's a bit too close to the holidays and I really want all of my students to feel like they can sit back and enjoy the class vs. rushing through it in order to prepare for the holidays. My vote is for January, a great way to begin the new year. Is this good for you? I'll start the enrollment process on Tuesday, December 1st. You can visit decor8 on that date to find a link to the site where you can enroll and pay for class via Paypal. The class will begin in January and will run for six weeks, start date will be announced here on decor8 December 1st so stay tuned. I'm so excited to be teaching soon again, I LOVED my students in April -- what an amazing bunch. :)

So... I'm signing off but my guests will be here all day to hang out with you -- Etsy Take Five Tuesdays will be replaced with an alternate indie shop spotlight to mix things up a bit and I have some more Favorite Things to share with you from other lovely bloggers so stick around today -- there's lots in store. :)

(image: holly becker for decor8)