Flowers: Would You Try This?

Flowers that do not peep out of the tops of vases... Hmm... What do you think? It seems to be a bit of a trend in floral design, my floral designer friend back in the states is fond of this look and has used it at some weddings. It looks like the French are on to it as well, this image is from French decoration magazine 100 Idees Deco (which I regularly pick up as I can get it at the train station). I've seen it here and there around the web on wedding blogs, too.


Here, 100 Idees Deco has tried the look out using carnations. It comes across very no-frills, a simple, casual arrangement, don't you think? Would you try this at home? Do you see this as an everyday arrangement or reserved for special events only, like a wedding or dinner party?

(image: 100 idees deco)