Submissions Needed: Calendar Round Up 2010!

Spread the word to all your friends who create calendars! decor8 is accepting submissions... Yahoo! It all began in 2006 when I posted my first ever calender round up in the autumn and then '07 came and artists contacted, and again in '08 and so now in '09 I'm continuing tradition by organizing yet my 4th calender round up - the post with all of my picks for 2010 will go live on Friday, October 17th. I started receiving submissions for this great round up already (thanks everyone!) but I'd love it if you have been featured here in the past if you'd please contact me with your 2010 calendar (images, in situ, etc) so that I can include your work again this year - I don't want to overlook anyone if I can help it. If you've never been featured and would like to be, you may also submit. I can't promise to include everyone but I'm hoping to make this the largest round up ever so if you are doing a cally this year (and you think decor8 readers would like it and that it would fit the overall vibe of decor8), send in your shop name, link, and images!

Submit your calendar for 2010!

Submission Deadline: Monday, October 12th.

Guidelines: In the subject please type CAL SUB

Images: Make sure they aren't too large -- 500-900 pixels wide is perfect. No larger, please. Shots need to be clear, bright, and shot in natural daylight (no flash).

You can reach me by email at holly at

The post will go live on Friday, October 17th! Stay tuned!

New to decor8 and not sure what a calendar round up is? This should help.

(image: be happy now)