Sexy Legs

Love. This. Chair. I spotted it over on the BoligLiv website this afternoon... my oh my does it have some sexy legs, am I right? Love the stripey tights! I want to paint stripes on all of my chair legs now, ha ha, imagine that!? This is very Dr Seuss, don't you think? The entire room is just darling and I don't even love red as an accent color (sorry red lovers) but here I actually do love it. This is fun and playful and oh gosh, oh golly, it makes me think of candy canes and story time!


Are you loving this too? Would you paint your chair legs with stripes?

10/3 UPDATE: These are actually knitted "cozies" for the legs, but the idea of painted legs like this sounds like a good idea for those of us who do not knit, huh? And by the way, I wrote about the idea of chairs with socks a few years ago here in case you'd like to see it for further inspiration.

(image: boligliv magazine)