Oh My Deer! DIY

I love it when you've read a blog post here and are thoughtful and felt inspired by it enough to contact me sharing something related... Like today what Marianne from Noces de Coton in France contacted me (thanks, Marianne!) after reading this post about how I make my home cozy for fall. She left a link to a project she tried at home to give her space a more seasonal feel. It's lovely! Here is what she does to warm up her home for fall...

Oh My Deer! DIY

"I’ve given my living-room a Fall look with pillows, scented candles - I have one that smells like wood fire! Almost as if we had a fireplace in the room! And blankets, and also with a little super simple piece of DIY art with a deer head shape in a fake wood vinyl paper on a canvas. You can check it out here. Hope U like it!"

Yes Marianne, I like it very much!

Marianne's deer DIY was crafted simply by cutting a deer silhouette using faux bois vinyl sticky paper (like the kind you use to line drawers) and by painting the surface (not sure if it's wood or canvas but I'm guessing wood would be the best choice as it's smooth and bump-free) with gray Farrow & Ball paint - N°91. Easy and beautiful!

(images: noces de coton)

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