Happy Weekend!

Well dear friends, it's that time again... time to bid another week farewell and welcome the weekend with a really big high five. Woot! I have so much going on over the next few days that my head is spinning but I can't wait to get started so I'm signing off for now. What do you have planned? Anything good? Try to fit in something nice for yourself, promise?

Sarah Parrott

I'm having family over tomorrow and on Sunday, attending an outdoor festival with some friends of ours. I hope to squeeze in some "me" time on Sunday morning, I want to tackle my china cabinet and work on using my new watercolors (I was so inspired by Geninne's videos I went out and purchased watercolors, paper and white ink, I have no clue what I'm doing but hey, it will be fun!). Today my husband and I made some delicious organic vegetable soup with fresh herbs so we'll no doubt polish that off this weekend too since it suddenly feels quite cold outside (hat weather). I'm going to the bakery for fresh bread and pastries in the morning, a trip I love to take on days when we have guests coming by, and hitting the flea market bright and early too. There's something about bakeries and flea markets on a Saturday morning, right? Yum. So that about sums up my weekend. Now it's your turn, what will you do?

And remember: Next week, on Friday the 16th, I am hosting the annual calendar round up so if you've created a calendar for 2010, please submit yours to me via email (details here) by Monday. Thank you.

Have a great weekend, I'll see you on Monday!

(image: sarah parrott, whom I wrote about today on real simple)