Artist Donna Huddleston (& Curating An Art Show)

Today I feel inspired by the soft watercolors of London-based Australian illustrator Donna Huddleston. From costume and set design to now a fine artist, Donna has experimented with a number of interests landing her on what appears to be her most successful to date: her delicate, enchanting works of art. Her drawings have a distinct fairytale feel with futuristic elements woven in, like each character could be on stage or behind a camera posing, twirling, pretending... then fading into your imagination as you exit, their story popping up randomly throughout various parts of the day that follows. How I would love to own one of her pieces and I wish so badly that she would release limited edition prints because the painting in the lower right corner below... well it would be proudly displayed in my home!

Donna Huddleston

Like you, there are many artists that I often dream of either meeting in person or attending an exhibit of their work and Donna is one of them -- I'd love to see her illustrations up close and personal. If you could curate a gallery show, who would you select to partake? My dream is to curate a show, despite that I guess I already do it virtually on a daily basis. What I'm saying is, something live - because most of my work is concentrated online and I crave to do more in-person with people who inspire and motivate me because I would prefer more of a balance in this respect. I tasted the experience a little when my own work was part of an exhibition in New Hampshire once where I wrote a declaration of interdependence and I co-curated a show in Los Angeles, but never have I had the opportunity to curate an entire show on my own... How fun!

Tell me, are you fond of a particular artist at the moment? Have you been to any inspiring gallery shows lately and found a new favorite?

(images: donna huddleston)