Little Circus (& Thoughts On Small But Great)

Today I'm thinking that I'd love to own everything in the Little Circus shop... I love that all of their products inspire curiosity and an appreciation for the small, the handmade, the lovely. All items are made by crafters and artists worldwide -- mostly small ateliers churning out pretty things by hand. I currently see a trend in thinking out there that also inspires me personally -- the trend of thinking small. Not in terms of dreams and goals, but in terms of doing 5 things exceptionally well vs. 100 things not so well. I notice this increasingly becoming popular as it relates to how we work and live. It is better to be small and really good at what you do, filling a niche that is unique to you - to be a giant in your field but not a corporate giant or some massive brand. I appreciate and respect those who have chosen to stay small, focused and grounded.

Little Circus

In addition to those writing books and producing beautiful magazines, designing clothes that make us drool, and food show hosts that get us in front of the stove and off of the sofa, this is a shout out to the smaller makers out there who may not be "known" in terms of being a household name like Jamie Oliver or Donna Hay or Martha Stewart. I respect the small zine authors and self-publishers and makers who are motivated so very deeply by their passions -- those processing orders at midnight as their little ones sleep (Jenna!) and those producing interesting content that is authentic (Nichole!), and others who work so diligently to create something with a personal stamp on it (Lena! Tara! Alex! Mati! Lisa!Jason! Kelly-Rae! and also to my dedicated friends making and writing and encouraging our online community in so many countless ways). There is a human being attached to the products and/or services these great people offer. There is heart. And if you are one who makes something and wonders if anyone cares, if it all really matters, let me tell you right now. It does matter. You matter. In fact, people like YOU inspire me and so many others. I wouldn't author this blog if I didn't appreciate all makers despite size or popularity. Like Little Circus for instance -- a shop with heart & soul which makes it a very special place to find very special things. Please have a look around... There is definitely a good vibe within their shop full of treasures...

Little Circus

And so I'm thinking that this week, in my Talk It Out column, we'll discuss the value in focusing on smaller batches, less is more thinking, the trend of being small but great vs. big and overbearing. Not that big is always overbearing but there was a trend that made people think for many years that ruling the world was the ultimate goal. I'm suggesting otherwise. So think over this topic until Thursday when I post Talk It Out and we'll discuss it then. You have a few days to let this idea simmer and stew. Sound like a plan?

(images: little circus)