Nook Stool by VIAL

I just heard about the newly-founded German design studio VIAL namely because of NOOK, their new stool made from a single piece of an innovative material called VarioLine. This material is an extremely sturdy and weatherproof plastic designed by Patrick Frey of Patrick Frey Industrial Design.


Winner of the iF product design award 2010 just a few weeks ago, it is an attractive piece indoors or outside in the garden, perfect for all seasons. I'm counting eight colors on their website, though there could be more. I'm a big fan of the white, beige and gray stools and can see them fitting in perfectly in a living or dining room area, but also in a child's room or on the patio.


About VIAL, "VIAL is a family-run company headquartered in Aachen, Germany. Its founders, Wolf, Julia and Bernd Hoesch-Vial, were inspired by the idea of designing beautiful products by harnessing the technological benefits of innovative materials and the novel creative opportunities they present."

What do YOU think of the Nook stool?

(images: VIAL)