Where's Tuesday?

Oh I have so many things to share with you but first I must give a big apology to the world wide web for a boo boo that I made. I totally, 100%, absolutely positively forgot to post Etsy Take Five Tuesdays yesterday for a simply fact - I forgot that it was Tuesday. Seriously people, who forgets weekdays? I mean, it's not like I don't have outside appointments and daily to-do lists and daily tasks around the home -- so where the heck did Tuesday go? I'm still shaking my head, it seems like this week has been Monday and Wednesday so far for me.


Am I really getting old? Am I stuck in a total freelancer bubble? Why yes. Obviously. So there, I've admitted losing Tuesday (is it under the sofa? In the closet? I feel this post taking a strange Cat In The Hat turn) and I've admitted to forgetting to post Take 5 Tues. and with that I'll simply say that next Tuesday I promise to not only remember it's there but I'll post my etsy finds and get back on schedule! Hurrah!


(image: the amazing corid)