Happy Weekend!

It's about that time to sign off for the weekend and wish you farewell until Monday. What plans do you have? Anything fun? Remember, you have to fit in some play into the mix. I am going to work but on things that are really important to me like the materials for the class I'm teaching, a downloadable PDF for my students, and I'm going to work on a secret project that I have collaborated with three other local designers on to hopefully make a dream come true here later this year.

Happy Weekend

The Happy Home & Dora iz Londona.

I also have a little surprise that I'm working on for those of you who love Paris, I should have that ready next week too. :) Of course, I will do some fun things in addition to all of my work including a flea market visit in the morning and tomorrow night is date night with my husband. Hubba Hubba. Hey ladies what can I say? You have to keep the magic alive. :)

Happy Weekend

Trisha Brink Design & Miss Melba.

Don't you think these images above set the mood for a relaxing weekend? I WANT that blue tub. Oh yes, I do... I had a tub like that only once in my lifetime and I wish I had appreciated it back then the way I would now. It's so pretty, don't you think? And deep. There is nothing like a deep tub that leaves nothing above water if you know what I mean! And bubbles. Must have bubbles. And candles and music and relaxing oil. But there is something you may not do in the tub that I do. I listen to Justin Timberlake. There's nothing like a little Justin by candlelight in the tub. And Sia. Must have Sia in the tub, too. Do you like her? She just announced her tour dates so if you do, make sure you go see her live if she's coming to a stage near you. I hear she's a magical performer. Death by chocolate is one of those songs you just sink into. Kind of like that tub.

Okay so I've shared my plans, what are yours? I hope you have a lovely weekend and I'll meet you back here on Monday! Schönes Wochenende!

xo, Holly

(photos: linked to their sources above.)