Good Morning, Monday!

Well here we are again, meeting up virtually for some inspiration and decorating ideas. But before we get started, how was your weekend? Did you accomplish all you had hoped? I had a nice weekend but ended up not finishing all of my work because I started watching French films and once I start I cannot stop! I love French movies and have several favorite actors from Paris -- one being Romain Duris, do you know him? He was in both "Paris" and "Molière", both are films that I highly recommend for the atmosphere and acting, but also the ability they have to lift you from your seat, transporting you into another place and time.


Paris was a film that I think all who complain about life should watch because the story is very touching and surely will make you cry but also may help you to value your life a little more. We need films like that now and then, don't we? It's so easy to whine and fall into the habit of complaining, feeling as though enough is never enough. All it takes is Romain Duris in this film to realize that so many of us have it really, really well.

Romain is such a gem to watch, what a talent... and I loved his apartment, especially the scenes from his balcony shown above where he cultivates a few plants and flowers. You know what? I'm one of the few who has been glad that the weather is so gray because I've finally had the time to watch some of my DVDs and through them I have been gaining inspiration and encouragement - a few movies I suggest from my most recently viewed list, French and other, include: Paris, Molière, The Reader, Brotherhood of the Wolf, Coco Before Chanel (love), Miss Potter, Priceless and The Science of Sleep (so creative!).

I'll be back soon with some Monday inspirations for you, so I'll see you soon. xo

Oh and a BIG P.S. - It has been confirmed that I'll be in the April 2010 issue of Myself magazine, a woman's magazine in Germany published by Conde Nast. It will be on newsstands March 17th and the article is about "pro" bloggers in Germany, I'll be profiled along with Nicole from Delicious Days and I believe one other though I'm unsure of whom so I'll have to wait until March 17th.

(photo: cinemovies)