Doing Is Believing

What a great thing to consider on a Friday as we approach a new weekend, Doing Is Believing! It's so true, isn't it? I was going to post something love-related having to do with couples, but you know I think loving yourself is more important than even loving another person and with so many single ladies (and men!) out there trying to find a match and put a ring on it, this weekend can really bite hard. I remember when I was single how alone I felt in stores with all that candy and romance in the air. So we're not going to talk about love and hearts and how wonderful it is to find the perfect someone.

Keep Calm Gallery

Let's think about loving ourselves, showing care and appreciation for who we are, and believing in our hard work and talents. So no red + pink today on this blog, not because I don't believe in the power of loving someone else (I do! Very much!) but because I want to promote love for yourself instead. To love yourself first and be your own best friend is also a great way to attract the love of others. So, if you're single give yourself a glass of champagne and chocolates and toast to your life. Buy yourself a dozen roses. Call your best friend who won't be romantically matched on Sunday and make a date with them to see a movie. If you just broke up with someone watch the terminator. If you feel anger at someone watch a comedy. Do something to make yourself happy if the 14th depresses you. Doing is believing - trust yourself and do what makes you happiest single or partnered up. Have faith in that!

(image: keep calm gallery)