Alessandra Cave Photography

It was so nice to hear from a former Blogging Your Way student, Alessandra Cave, just the other day to hear about a milestone she has reached -- she launched a new website to feature her portrait/fashion photography! I always love to hear from students of mine because it helps me to press forward and to continue to stay on my path because we all have those days were little voices try to throw us off course, don't we? Friends like Alessandra really help me personally and professionally to stay on the road and to remain steadfast and confident.

Alessandra Cave Photography

It's often tricky when you are a small business owner trying to make your way in the world! Alessandra told me, "As usual, I like to celebrate my little milestones with you because you inspire me so much... I always have your 'voice' and style sensibility in my head. So you play a major role here. Your blogging course really helped me frame things in a new way."

Her words encourage me to continue forward with Blogging Your Way too - despite all of the other blogging e-courses popping up which can be discouraging when you are the one who launched the first blogging courses online and then many others take your content, spin it their own way, and then sell it as their own. One lady took my content and used it as her own which really frustrated me (she has taken it down thankfully and never launched her course) which was quite a shock to see. I guess online these are just things a business owner has to deal with -- copycats! But then again the best form of flattery is when someone tries to imitate you and I keep telling myself that to stay above the water and to be positive. But when challenged I usually work harder than ever to prove my value and so I have used these experiences to develop Blogging Your Way further to keep it fresh and interesting because I love working with students online and so soon again I will be teaching it for 5 weeks beginning in September alongside the lovely and talented Leslie Shewring from A Creative Mint who styles and takes all of the wonderful photos on her blog. We want to make it more inspiring than ever!

If you'd like to be the first to enroll when we open up registration, please click here and join the mailing list. We'd love to have you and since it will be the final Blogging Your Way course for this year I encourage you to participate so you can enjoy the tips and inspiration that Leslie and I will be sharing with you during those very special weeks together.

Alessandra thank you for the encouraging words and for sharing your new website with us!

(images: alessandra cave)