Happy Weekend!

Well hello there friends! I hope that you are doing well today, I'm running around like a nut trying to pack and organize everything since I'll be in NYC by this time tomorrow and have quite an adventure laid out before me. Just so you're in the loop, decor8 will still be up and running while I'm on the road though with a bit less intensity as I won't have a lot of time between shoots to blog but I'm going to do my best to write whenever I can and report in as I'm bringing my trusty macbook along for the ride.

Happy Weekend

Monday, July 5th is a holiday so decor8 will be closed but you can expect daily posts to show up here each weekday until I'm back at home in Germany on July 19 so no worries -- I have the lovely Leslie Shewring helping me out -- she'll be covering Take Five Tuesdays for the next few weeks and she will have Color Me Pretty up in a few weeks and lots of inspirational posts in between so Leslie and I promise to keep you occupied between now and the 19th of July.

I can't wait to get started on the US locations, we have so many to shoot between New York and Los Angeles that I'm wondering at which point I will pass out in exhaustion, but I think adrenaline and lots of bubble tea will hold me over until I'm back in Germany. I have some gorgeous homes to visit with Debi, we have lots of nice surprises that you'll see when the book is out next Spring that I've decided to add in last minute -- and fingers crossed anyway, you will like them too. I can't wait to see what magic Debi will make with her camera, she is brilliant.

I'll be checking in here on Tuesday so until then, have a wonderful weekend and I'll meet you back on July 5th!



P.S. We will know if we have a new home on July 22, we just found out more good news today and everything looks very promising. I can't wait to know for sure, then I can decorate it and you can be a part of the process on this blog. I'd love that. :)

(image: holly becker)