Greg Hatton Handmade Furniture

I just heard about Australian furniture and landscape designer Greg Hatton because one of his photos popped up on the main page over at Pinterest.

Greg Hatton

Side note: I love seeing birch logs in fireplaces stacked, standing... it's gorgeous. I keep thinking that I need to buy a "faux" fireplace so I have an excuse to display birch logs. :) But it needs to be vintage or something like this (though I'd need to tile it or paint it inside to give it a more authentic vibe). I digress...

Now back to the wonderful world of Greg Hatton. Once you start browsing his website, you may recognize his willow bench and birch headboard from Sibella Court's recent book, Etcetera Etc. Greg also goes by Twiggy, a name that is not only very sweet I think but best describes his rustic furniture and lighting. Greg Hatton

Greg Hatton

I know it's just a close up of wood, but I had to include this picture - to me it's just gorgeous. I'd love to tack this on my inspiration board. The texture is lovely - so simple and pure.

His work is very casual and free-spirited which, I think, best highlights the natural materials that he uses. I've shown just a tiny glimpse of his work, you can see more on his website or in his Flickr album maintained by his studio assistant, Leila. So inspiring!

(images: greg hatton)