Rifle Paper Co.

I keep seeing Rifle Paper Co. popping up around blogland and I'm loving their stuff. And well, like all things I love, they end up right here on the blog as they should! Rifle Paper Co. has the best product styling and the photography is just divine -- so fresh and clean. I really like what they design -- the colors are so vibrant against crisp white. From cheerful cards to playful posters and recipe boxes (my favorite), it's hard to not fall in love with something on their website. Rifle Paper Co.

Once I move and come out from under this packing cloud (ha!), I can finally think about things like buying pretty paper again. I really look forward to that because my stationery supply box is looking soooo lame. I opened it the other day looking for a suitable card and nothing worked so I had to make one -- I had about 5 minutes -- and then I raced out to give it to my friend. I still wonder if she opened my card once she got home to view my cut and paste Holly version and thought, "I thought this girl had taste!". Moments like that one, scrambling to find a card, reminded me of the importance of keeping stock as I did in my more organized days, which I really want to get back to once I have a dedicated office space again. Chaotic work spaces are such downers, man!

(images: rifle paper co.)