New Work By Samantha Hahn

Who can get enough of fashion illustration, am I right? That is why when Brooklyn-based illustrator Samantha Hahn wrote in to share her latest work I couldn't resist showing them to you. Colorful, cheerful, energetic, whimsical... and just in time because this is when we need color the most to boost our spirits -- the dead of winter! Looking at her images reminds me that Spring is just around the corner and I can't wait!

Samantha Hahn

Alice Revists Wonderland

Samantha Hahn

That Girl Samantha HahnWaiting For The Parade

Samantha HahnSitting Pretty

If you like what you see above, Samantha is part of a fashion illustration gallery show at Gallery Hanahou in New York City that opens January 20th and these four pieces above are part of that show. The great part is, that if you like one of them you can buy it before the show opens -- you have first dibs! Each illustration is 16 x 20" and comes framed and matted in white gallery frames and are $500 USD each. If you are interested in purchasing, please contact Koko: koko AT to help with the process.

The name of each print appears above and I'm sure that you'll agree that they are very special pieces. What a lovely job Samantha and good luck with the show!

(images: samantha hahn)