Fresh Greens + Blues: Painted Furniture

I'm really tempted to paint a single piece of furniture in the house a minty beach glass green or a striking aqua right now. This obsession began over a year ago when I first saw a chippy country style sofa table on the blog of Fryd+Design... This one below, see?

via: Fryd+Design

I couldn't get that image out of my head for the longest time, then one day POOF! it vanished but almost as quickly as I had forgotten it, I remembered all over again when I was at a store and saw a lovely old battered table in the same color. From that day forward, my obsession continues. Seems like a lot of people like just a smidgen of this color at home as an accent. Here are some recent examples that I found around the web.

Photographed by Nancy Nolan and designed by Tobi Fairley, shown in Traditional Home magazine via House of Turquoise.

Home of Jasna Janekovic in Germany via Tamar Schechner.

Urban Outfitters bookshelf, cabinet from Vita Ranunkler, cabinet from garden view cottage.

Stylist Tara Sloggett

ferm living.

Painted wooden stairs from light locations.

Le Versha Chair from Anthropologie

Debi Treloar's amazing home in London (also available to rent as a location space).

VTWonen Inspired

VTWonen magazine

Don't you want to run out and paint something quick!?

(images linked to their sources above.)