Happy Monday Inspirations

I thought that by approaching Monday with a positive "let's do THIS" attitude today that it might help me to get through my painfully long task list this week. Gulp! I've got a lot on my plate but I wouldn't have it any other way because the truth is that a busy schedule invigorates me if I'm busy doing things that I like. You must feel the same!

[Affordable furniture from UO: mint green bookshelf, gold chair, patchwork chair, metal storage shelf, birdcage hanging lamp and the concert folding chair.]

Truth is, I've been thinking a lot about my business lately and some new project ideas which has me very inspired and motivated because I believe that you have to be in the right place emotionally at the right time in order to put certain plans into motion -- I believe that I'm ready for taking on some new (but still decor8-related) projects and as I go, I'll certainly tell you about them.

We evolve as people and so does our decorating style, interests, friendships, even where we live and the foods we eat -- life is really about knowledge, growth, change, improvement, working hard to make our life better and to help those around us amongst many other things. I think that when you begin a week on a positive note and view it as a way to evolve and grow - by Friday you will have learned a few new things and quite possibly found an illuminating realization or discovery along the way.

[I love this cabinet because I want one just like it for my office to store props and supplies in. This is from Purl Bee.]

Living At Home

[I'm inspired by how this book was wrapped in white paper and then decorated with Japanese masking tape as shown in German magazine Living At Home.]

[I love these patterns from Abbey Hendrickson.]

[Bolts of gorgeous Amy Butler fabric and a patch on a jeans pocket. Patches in general are inspiring me currently.]

[The 60s vibe of this white dress and the gorgeous details and these fresh colors from Lilly Pulitzer.]

[Sequin-toe shoes from J.Crew, lace bowls by Hideminy, Orla Kiely candles, sequin pillow from Urban Outfitters.]

Let's face, you can't have an "A-ha!" moment unless you are out there surrounding yourself with what you help you to connect the dots. Work, people, family, going outside of your comfort zone, pushing yourself a little hard, testing your ideas... Monday is the starting point to a new week and a new change to go out into the world to gather and give.

To begin the week on a positive note this post contains inspiring finds from around the web. Please click on the links under each image above to see more. It's a nice way to begin the week - to share what is currently inspiring me with the goal to inspire you as well. Enjoy!

(images linked to their sources above)