Junk Shop Love

I was out walking in the forest this morning and decided to circle back to look in the window of a local junk shop -- I mean, why can't a fitness walk turn into a decorating adventure? :) I'm so glad I took my indulgent detour. I not only found a man selling the freshest watermelon ever along with sweet peaches from France, but the shop was open and even better, I found this lovely solid wood lamp. Nice, right? Junk Shop Find

It weighed a ton to carry it home, but when you spot something like this for cheap you have to grab it. I love the shape and of course, the shade reminds me of something you'd find in the wallpaper collection over at Cole & Son or possibly in the Florence Broadhurst collection. When I saw this lamp I thought of how this could easily be worked into a beach house somewhere in Australia or something. It also reminds me of designer Shannon Fricke, and I wish I knew why, it just does. I love Shannon's work and dream of meeting her someday and hanging out in her creative cottage where she teaches. Swoon...

I may or may not eventually paint the base and I may or may not pop a new shade on this or cover this one, but for now I'm going to see where I can work this in at home and once I do, I'll show you where it ended up. Do you have any latest junk shop/flea market "scores" to share with me?

(image: holly becker for decor8)