Berlin Blogger's Meetup + Book Party!

I'm so excited to invite you all to a PARTY at the Soho House in BERLIN on Saturday, November 12, 2011 - in just TWO WEEKS! Here are all of the details below... You're Invited!

With Brigitte magazine as the official sponsor along with Callwey, Etsy, Dialogue Books and of course, yours truly... This will be a lovely day!

Who is speaking?

ME! I'll share my story from the very beginning - way before blogging, then I'll talk about how blogging changed my life, how my book came about, the inspiration behind it and then I'll give tips on how budding authors can communicate their vision to their publisher in a professional manner and how to be taken seriously when you do! I'll also discuss some ideas for promoting yourself - whether it's a book, blog, your shop, etc.!

Stefanie Luxat, Brigitte managing editor, will discuss how Germany's top lifestyle magazine, Brigitte, has embraced the world of blogging and what they are doing to promote them. She'll also talk about how you can get YOUR work into the big print magazines from how to approach editors to what they are looking for, along with lots of great tips and tricks.

Caroline Ditting from my German publisher, Callwey Verlag, will talk about book writing and publishing, how to get your book idea in front of a publisher, what works, what doesn't and more!

Matthew Stinchcomb, the European Director of (they have over 9 million members worldwide) who is originally from Brooklyn (his former roommate founded the company) but now Matthew lives and works in Berlin with his wife and baby boy. He'll talk about everything from building your brand online to how to sell your products through sites like Etsy, how to become part of an online community and why community matters, and more. Matthew feels strongly about connecting humans first and commerce second. I am a huge fan of this way of thinking and can't wait to hear him speak -- he is so passionate on topics relating to independent design and small business.

If you are attending this event, PLEASE help us make it a success by doing two things, the first is the most important:

1. RSVP by November 7th so you are guaranteed a seat, a goody bag and your food & drinks. You can RSVP by sending an email to

2. Email me with any questions ( that you have for the speakers above so I can make sure we address your questions during the event. We want to make sure the audience gets the most out of being part of this meetup!

and... if you want to spread the word about the event on your blogs, we'd like that very much! You can post the graphic above and link back to this post, that would be great. You can also use the little graphics below on your blogs if you are attending this event. Again, please link it to this post so people know what the little graphic means! :)

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See you in Berlin on November 12th everyone! :)

(graphics created by tara hogan from ink + wit)