Sweet William: New Prints

I've talked about Sweet William before since I've been a fan for quite awhile... I guess that's why I perked up when I noticed a bit of a new direction in their recent work and felt incredibly inspired by it! I admire designers and artists who experiment outside of their comfort zone (and of that of their clients) and like this fresh look into the creative mind of Sweet William. They're not changing their overall aesthetic at all, but they did just add-in a couple of new archival quality prints of paintings that are a bit different from all of their other things. And I like it... Sweet William Prints

Sweet William Prints

I think it is daring and needed (for our own sanity!) at times to break things up. What do you think? Most artist reps out there would frown on my opinion and I can see why as one does need to be consistent and marketable with their vision and work to stay afloat, BUT I still applaud it when creatives allow themselves space and freedom to experiment and evolve.

When money enters the room, we tend to stick to creating what sells and forget the fact that we began as a creator, as an artist, and that we owe it to ourselves to let our passion and vision come before money and fame. I am such a believer in this.

I think these prints are great - nice work, Sweet William!

(images: sweet william)