German Stylist Dietlind Wolf

I am so excited to share one of my very favorite stylists with you today... Her name is Dietlind Wolf and she lives in Hamburg, Germany and works as a props stylist and maker of pretty porcelain things to adorn yourself with (like these). Stylist Dietlind Wolf

Stylist Dietlind Wolf

Stylist Dietlind Wolf

Her collections and arrangements are simply stunning, fresh and very forward. Dietlind possesses an amazing eye and you can sense her connection to the things that she uses to compose a visual story because everything from the materials used to the composition and overall vibe seems so deeply personal. I am smitten by her food styling and consider myself a very big fan and feel she is one of Germany's greatest talents. Here are some breathtaking views from her portfolio -- pay close attention to the details...

Dietlind does a lot of work for Brigitte, Essen und Trinken and Living At Home magazines, some of Germany's top lifestyle, food and home publications, which is how I first discovered this talented lady. I would LOVE to see her style a cookbook, she could do such an amazing job especially if she were given loads of creative freedom. I'd love to work with Dietlind someday, even just to observe her, it is women like her who inspire me so, so much... They are not copycats but trendsetters. I love and admire this SO MUCH.

Psst: Isn't her jewelry lovely?

(photos: julia hoersch, walter cimbal, thomas neckermann)