Statement Pieces at Spruce Home

We all need a little fun in our life and nothing says FUN more than this quirky sofa from Spruce Home in Austin. It's a one-of-kind upholstered piece that they are selling on, get this, Etsy! I really love it in all of its big bad boldness! If I went into a home and spotted this baby in the living room, I'd definitely credit the homeowner for having a great sense of humor and style. Spruce Home

Sure, it's large and in charge but the beauty of it is that you can place it against a muddy gray matte wall and add two big canary yellow ceramic lamps on either side in order to enhance its beauty without competing with it. It's such a statement piece, this sofa is art! Here are some more exciting pieces from Spruce to get you in the mood to add color and pattern to your home, perhaps for Spring? These surely put me in the Spring mood and if you don't need a piece of furniture, Spruce carries cushions, lamps and a new how-to video so you can learn exactly how the pros upholster furniture.

Spruce Home

Spruce Home

Spruce HomeChairs are the best way to ease into bold or bright patterns and solids if you don't ordinary use them on pieces of furniture with the exception of throw pillows, of course. A seat cover in a loud pattern or wild and crazy slipper chair next to a "normal" beige or white sofa can really add personality to a room without committing to something as large and expensive as a brightly patterned sofa. If you want to learn how to reupholster things in your own home, Spruce owner Amanda Brown has a new video where she'll show you how to set up your work space, share what you'll need to get started and then how to actually strip furniture and upholster them with tight seats and backs. The video is available here.

Do you have any statement pieces in your home? If so, what are they? Where are they? Any links to share with photos of your statement pieces? Please share those links below!

(images: spruce home)