Decorating Is My Garden

What brings you joy in your home? How do you keep it fresh? Where do you keep the objects that speak to you and bring comfort? I have my favorite things mostly on shelves where I can see them or in cabinets with glass doors. I also try to keep my cherished possessions together vs. spread about all over my home because then my house doesn't become too cluttered or a pain to keep clean.

In my home

Containing my collections is also good for times when I want a little decorating therapy. What I mean by this is that oftentimes, when I feel stressed, I will 'tinker' about with my things much like a gardener will disappear in the yard weeding or tending to plants, picking off dead leaves or snipping away wilted and crusty bits.

I'm not much of a gardener, so I tend to my home. I enjoy playing around with the arrangements of things and like to rearrange often so that the energy is forever flowing. When I keep objects in a single place for too long my space begins to feel stagnant, so I shuffle stuff around to loosen the energy and set things flowing freely -- and properly -- again.

I don't like a sluggish vibe at home, it holds me back. When I'm tinkering, I often consider the objects and whether I can edit some things out and mix others in to provide a better energy or a different feeling to the space. I work with color this way, too.

How do you approach redecorating, rearranging, or "tinkering" about in your home? I often wonder if others view decorating as a sort of therapy, do you? Does your home ever feel like it is stagnant and when it does, do you decorate to loosen the soil (so to speak)?

(image: holly becker for decor8)