Olive Box: Pretty Boxes of Paper Goodies Monthly!

I have to tell you about this amazing new company that Grace Kang started called Olive Box. First of all, Grace is an amazing PERSON. Yeah, her bio is impressive but the kind of stuff that never makes it to a resume is what I really value about Grace... She's the real deal and has been so super supportive of me and my career that I cannot help but be eternally grateful. Olive Box

But beyond that, Grace is one heck of a business woman. As a former buyer at Barneys AND Bloomingdale’s alone with being the founder and current lady in charge over at the Pink Olive in NYC, she definitely has a good business head on her shoulders. That is why I believe in her new project, a company called Olive Box and want to share it with you. What's Olive Box all about? Oh, you'll want to read on...

Olive Box

Olive Box is a subscription service meant to spread the love - the love of snail mail and receiving delightful gifts each month in your mailbox. As a member you will receive a box of paper & lifestyle products (including a lovely book from time to time, hint hint) delivered to your front door each month, "From cards to artwork to inspiring books and gifting ideas, you never know what exciting products you will unwrap each month." Each box has a theme that is a surprise and will include goodies that support that theme.

Olive Box

Pretty Boxes of Paper Goodies Monthly? SIGN ME UP, rights?!?

Olive Box

In fact, if you are a member, you will soon receive a special box that includes a signed copy of my upcoming book, Decorate Workshop! I can't reveal WHICH month, but if you join soon you will have it. I've included a sneak peek of THAT box above. :)

(photos: olive box)