Crushing On Smeg Refrigerators

Okay so I'm thinking to buy a pure white SMEG refrigerator. I even started a smeg pinboard because it helps me to see all of my choices in one place (do you do that too?). Did you know that I once had a vintage 1950s super pale pink refrigerator when I was single living in Boston but left it behind in a rental apartment because I couldn't find anyone to help me carry it out? Of course you didn't, I never told you that story. Smeg

Okay so once upon a time I was like 23 years old and completely broke living from paycheck to paycheck, so I never could afford movers back then so when I moved, I bribed my friends in exchange for pizza and beer. But I always felt sad that I left pinky, my retro pink fridge, behind. Yeah, I named it. After a Pac-man character. I totally know that is strange but I was 20 when I first got it, so what do you expect? Well wait. I still name objects (even my husband's white BMW, I named it stormtrooper). Back to the point of this post... I will never forget when my friend offered me the pink fridge that her husband had and cherished. He loved design and old stuff. And he happened to look just like Hugh Grant (Notting Hill version not current version) and I had this total crush on him because he was cute and loved design and lived in such a great house that he helped decorate. He was so cool.

Looking back, sheesh, can you believe I had a crush on a married guy? Have you ever had a crush on a married guy, but even more sinful, your friend's husband? That's pretty dark, right? I guess I can justify this because I was under 21 and you aren't the brightest bulb in the lamp when you're super hormonal and single and young.

I first saw that pale pink beauty in their home when I was 17 and fell in LOVE. I envied it for years. One day, when I was about 20, they offered it to me for free. I nearly died. I guess it's because I nearly made out with it when I saw it in their kitchen (think Mary Katherine from Superstar - video clip here for a good laugh) so they figured I should be the new proud owner. That was a really good 3 years. I decorated my entire kitchen around that thing - I hung oversized floral wallpaper that was very Tricia Guild on the walls and painted the horrible brown wooden rental apartment cabinets in glossy white and, combined with my gorgeous pale pink fridge, I had a pretty rockin' kitchen for a single girl with no bank account. And then, 3 years later, it was gone  and now I want a unique little refrigerator again and smeg would fill the gap I've had in my heart ever since. :) Especially a white one like this bad boy below...


I know most of my friends back home have these massive double door fridges with computerized this and built-in water systems and televisions that - lots of bells and whistles, some do the laundry and vacuum your home (kidding), but I'm living in Europe remember and people just don't do 'big' here like we Americans do 'big'.  So I think a Smeg fridge may be a good buy for my city apartment. It's single door and normal-sized, and will hold what I need it to hold for a family of two. Plus, Smegs are trendy and usually I don't care about what is trendy or not, unless I love the trend, and in this case I do so that's fine.

Plus, how often do appliances trend? I think the smeg stove is popular, and the kitchenaid mixers are pretty trendy, but not much else in the appliance world really trends. (Too bad, appliance manufacturers need to smarten up because they could make a killing if they partnered with top bloggers to promote their goods, Igor are you listening - let's change this!!!). I see smeg stuff in some of the best homes over here in Europe. I have this Smeg stove that I bought in England so I think he needs a lover and the lover will be called Smeg. Kinda like saying Meg with a lisp.

I wanted a Smeg when we first moved over in 2009 but couldn't imagine spending the money on one, they're not cheap, and the one we had worked perfectly fine. BUT. But now that our current refrigerator isn't doing the job (joy! happy! time to justify this to the husband!), I'm ready to splurge and get something good and cute. This post is filled with some good pics from my inspiration file found via Pinterest showing smeg in a variety of kitchens from country to industrial, modern and retro... It's pretty versatile for the most part.




Okay so enough chatter from me. I'm going to shut up and let you talk. What do you think? Do you have a Smeg refrigerator? Do you like it? I'd love some opinions on this! It's not like I can buy one and return it. So any helpful advice would be great! Sometimes I wonder if aesthetics are soooo important, because when I see this fridge I imagine it would be so much better than a Smeg quality-wise with bells and whistles BUT it doesn't have that retro charm... Hmmm...

(images: west elm, nordic leaves,ikea family live, Zilverblauw, bolig pluss. All my loves, great sites, so click on them, sit back, and enjoy!)