Baby Update!

It's Friday, it's Friday! Woo hoo! How are you doing today? I'm really excited for this weekend to come and go because on Tuesday, we will have that big ultrasound that will let us know if we are welcoming a baby boy or a baby girl in January. Monday begins week 19, I'm pretty much halfway through pregnancy already and so extremely in love with being pregnant - despite that the first 16 weeks were hell on earth with illness. It's been better but I'm still nauseous daily and feeling only momentary bursts of energy. Lilacs

I'm definitely no where near feeling the amazing energy that everyone promised me would be the case right now. But I do have a bump (which I'm quite proud of) and I have had some friends rub my belly (which I love) so I know I'm looking a little pregnant by now which is really nice. I bought and wore my first maternity dress and though the stomach part has plenty of room to grow into, I'm in love with my stylish gray knit dress. It will look so cute with tights and boots this Fall. I think being pregnant is wonderful, it's like you can finally not give a crap about your weight. You can love seeing your stomach get larger without guilt and when people see it, they don't think, "Oh boy, lay off the chips", they think, "Ahhhhh she's pregnant, how cute!". How can anyone not love being adored for having a big stomach?

My appetite has returned but only a little - though I'm not losing more weight so that's good. I was worried for awhile after I dropped 20 pounds in my first trimester. Yet, I'm only growing in my tummy - no where else - and only slightly, a pound or two. The best thing is that I crave salad, quiche, fruit and healthy drinks. Everything else turns me off. I can eat salmon and eggs but not chicken or turkey. I haven't had cheese in months, no desire for it. I don't eat bread, it turns me off whenever I see bread or sweets in the bakery. Candy repulses me - like I cannot have a tiny piece of chocolate without feeling like I'm going to spiral down into total nausea again. If I even think of pasta I feel queasy, so none of that either. It makes me laugh because this baby seems to be whipping mommy here into great health and good shape because I only crave healthy stuff. Ice cream also makes me sick, imagine!? I definitely am the exception when it comes to pregnancy cravings, all of my girlfriends only wanted sweet food, or salty food, or both. And they ate and ate constantly, some craved McDonalds and other craved cake and candy. But here I am, craving a big slice of watermelon.

Could be worse. And for this I am actually quite grateful.

I have so much to plan now that I am close to hitting the halfway mark. Organizing my home. Cleaning out the room that will become the nursery. Buying furniture for the baby, and other necessary things... Touring and selecting the hospital. Etc. etc. etc. I have a lovely midwife now and the program in Germany allows for you to have your midwife and your OB/GYN working with you simultaneously whenever you need them throughout pregnancy, then after the baby arrives, insurance here covers 100% for the midwife coming daily to the house for the first 10 days after birth to coach you on everything from breastfeeding to changing diapers, and they can administer acupressure or acupuncture, etc. After those 10 days, you are allowed up to 16 more paid home visits by your midwife for the first 6 months. I will also be receiving free post natal therapy for getting my body into good shape, flattening my stomach and feeling good again after the birth. It's such a beautiful arrangement for which I am so grateful! If we were below a certain income level (which we are not), we would also get money every month from the government called "Kinder Geld" to cover expenses for the child from diapers to babysitting services and whatever else. It's amazing how the German government has these special services in place for families.

So that is my pregnancy update! The moment we find out the gender, I'll let you know. I can't wait to begin shopping for adorable little mini outfits. Until now, I've purchased nothing for the baby but I'm getting ready to begin ordering sweet stuff the second I know what we're having. I still don't have names decided, though I do have a very short list, yet nothing is coming to me yet... Maybe later right? There is still plenty of time!

I'll be back in a moment with another post or two before I let you go for the weekend. See you soon!


(image: holly becker)