Twitter Party Summary + Winner!

Hello again dear friends. Last night we had an amazing LIVE 60 minute Twitter party and it was such a great event. So many showed up and left us blown away with so many thoughtful and informative answers to 5 questions that the editors of Couch Magazine asked me and then the "panel" which consisted of ALL involved in this party, or chat (you can see lots of those who took part pinned here). It was nice because not only could I give my advice but I could enjoy the great comments rapidly streaming in. The chat was so fast but I used Twubs #decor8couch on "Slowest" for the feed speed because tweets were literally flying in! Ryan Pickart

Here are the questions and my answers for the chat in case you missed it. Couch will do a full summary on their blog in the upcoming weeks.

Where do you find ideas and inspiration? My answers: * I pay attention to what I naturally respond to. It can be anything, a film, a shop or a magazine. Everything holds a clue. * Inspiration may be everywhere, but it still takes EFFORT to filter out the good stuff that ultimately means something to you. * Look inside of every cloud.Inspiration can come in times of great despair. Allow hard times to open your heart to new ideas. * Many say “inspiration is everywhere” and while true, it does take effort to filter out the good stuff. What inspires you may not inspire me

2) How can you develop your personal style? My answers: * Develop self confidence and personal style will follow. If you don’t believe in your ideas, how can you share them? * Filter! Edit! Be picky with what you look at. Follow only those who inspire you, read what inspires you, pin what you love. * Avoid copying the personal style of someone else or becoming a trend slave. Stay true to what naturally attracts you. * Style is about being authentic, bold, confident. Embrace what you love, who cares to impress others? Be totally unapologetic * Be kind to yourself. Learn, and appreciate, your talents. Style flows when you know what you're good at. * Read foreign design/fashion mags, travel, follow taste makers, attend workshops with other creative people, start a blog.

3) What are some tips on how to style & photograph your home that would be helpful for bloggers?My answers: * Find images that fit your style aesthetic and study placement and angles. You can learn a lot through careful observation. * Learn basic design 101 principles. Buy design books that are very informative and that show rooms you love. * Top stylists know how to edit or when to stop "adding". Learn when enough is enough and show restraint for the best photos. * Display only favorite things and store the rest. Declutter before shooting. Hide cords and trash cans. Clean surfaces. * Don't overload surfaces with "stuff". Find the focal point of the room and focus there. Think of the story you want to tell. * Shoot from the belly button or waist, not at eye level, when shooting room views. Don't shoot "down" into a room, or "up". * Remove objects that overlap other objects in the photo for cleaner shots. Add life: fowers, a pet, plants, a cup of tea. * Buy a DSLR if you can afford it then invest in a great lens. Take a photography class. Volunteer to assist a stylist. * Learn how to REALLY USE your camera. Turn off lights, natural light only. No flash! Use a tripod if lighting isn't optimal.

4) What makes a room perfect? My answers: * When I turn the key, drop my bags and stand in my entryway feeling like there is no place I'd rather be than in my space. * Home decor affects everything: job performance, relationships, stress levels. Not just about aesthetics, but peace of mind. * When you learn "perfect" doesn't exist and embrace imperfection as ideal. When you stop trying so hard.When you are content. * Experiment, express yourself, don't be afraid to make mistakes. Don't strive for perfect, strive for personal. * When a home is unique, personal, and has a feeling of comfort. A space filled with love, acceptance and thoughtful style. * When a visitor says, "Your home is exactly as I imagined, it's an accurate reflection of you and decor8, I love it here."

5) Little changes, huge effect – how can you make small rooms look larger on a budget?My answers: * Don’t let any space go unused. Consider clever storage ideas. Work with ceiling height to create vertical storage solutions. * Create zones in multipurpose areas. If living room is also for dining, put a rug beneath each zone to define the space. * Avoid dark wall colors unless you use a dramatic color on one accent wall. Keep the rest light and bright. * Avoid furniture that sits against the floor. For an airy feel, opt for pieces with visible legs so you can see the floor. * Don't be too stressed over how small your space is. A home is like your body type and wardrobe, accentuate the positives.

That's it!

WINNER We also have a winner selected a random, Laura Redburn from Cardboard Cities, who will receive a free seat (valued at $129) in the next Blogging Your Way e-course in October/November this year. In fact the collage above is from her blog and shows the art of Ryan Pickart. Isn't his work stunning? I cannot take my eyes off of it. Congratulations, Laura!!

Thank you again to everyone who was involved in our chat! xo

If you would like to add your own answers to the questions above, please do so below. We'd all really love your input, too!

(images: art of ryan pickart)