Little Years

One of my readers tipped me off to a sweet German website with heartwarming portraits on family life called Little Years. With a little one who just turned 1 on Monday, family life is always on my mind. I adore my son so, so much and want to be the best mama to him while still reaching my own goals and dreams. It's nice to find a site dedicated to normal, working families who live nicely yet not perfectly, and are somehow able to do it all and still reach career goals in addition to being great parents. It's encouraging to see, in particular, families much larger than my own who are making it all work. By the way, did you recently catch the interview Jimmy Fallon had with Gone Girl actress, Rosamund Pike? If you didn't watch it, you can catch a segment of it here on Hulu. First, she showed up looking gorgeous and not at all like she just had a baby, and next, she spoke so candidly about how she was on the phone being interviewed, while in bed, with her two boys crawling all over her and that her eldest son got his truck stuck in her hair during the call. She confessed to basically having to cut it out before her dress arrived that day for a fitting. I mean, it's so easy to forget that many other strong and hard-working women are out there playing magician on a daily basis to make their dreams come true while also being great moms to their little ones.

IMG_9617-909x626 Courtney Adamo and her family (shown above is her youngest), the co-founder of Babyccino, living in London.

IMG_9420-875x626 Courtney Adamo

865x577_IMG_8945 The story of Cecile and Charles in Paris. Cecile is the founder of Smallable.

865x577_IMG_9003 More from Cecile and Charles

Andrea_11-940x626 Cecile and Charles

Please visit Little Years for stories in English and German and for more photos too.

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