Minimalist Maps From Mapiful


I can't wait to tell you about Mapiful because I just love maps and minimalist black and white street maps are very much trending for interiors. Plus, decorating with maps has long been a favorite of designers worldwide. Thing is, when you live outside of a mega "cool" city, it's often impossible to find maps for your spot, and if you do, even harder to find something you like. I've found several of my current city that are either ornate and vintage from flea markets (and expensive) or are designed by the town for our travel and tourism shop and are very generic and boring. mapiful_A_1040

Another dilemma is when you find a map of a city that you love that is a popular destination, but it is in color or the typeface is all wrong. Which is often the problem I’ve run into when searching for maps.

That's why Swedish firm, Mapiful, is the solution for me! They give you the chance to print minimalist black and white maps of any location in the world, pan and zoom, customize the text and they will print it out, mail in a sturdy tube, and ship at no cost no matter where you live. You pay only $60 for your custom map (BUT if you use voucher "decor8" until September 15th, you pay only $50!).

For my map, I selected Paris because it was one of the first cities outside of the United States that I visited as a young woman many years ago and I fell completely in love with French life and culture back then, long before blogs and social media, even before email became the norm! I had so many dreams back then to live in Paris. I’ve been about 10 times since and each time, I want to return to see more because I feel like there is never enough time to see it all. I’ve had the pleasure of working in Paris styling homes and one of my favorite shops, and I have many cherished memories there that will forever stay in my heart. Though I no longer desire to live in Paris, it’s definitely a favorite destination and only an hour by plane so I can go whenever the mood strikes.

I also customized it to say , “Paris, Mon coeur est à toi”, which means a bit like saying, “Paris, My heart is yours”, it’s a very romantic sentiment I think. And it’s true.


I didn’t frame my map because I love seeing it taped to my wall. It doesn’t look too precious that way. I like that it looks like how maps were originally presented in classrooms, simply taped to the wall. It’s in my dining room because I associate my trips to Paris with eating – one of my favorite things to do in Paris is to enjoy café culture so putting the poster where we eat in our home was the best place. Each day when I see it, I am reminded of the beautiful places to eat in Paris and the smell of fresh bread during my early morning walks there.


As mentioned previously, I'm working with Mapiful to get their maps into your hands so for only $50 (includes shipping globally!) until September 15th you can use the voucher "decor8". Once you have your map, please frame it or put it on your wall and take a photo and post to Instagram using hashtag #mapiful so we can see what you've done with your map and where it's being used in your home. If Mapiful likes your image, they may regram it to their audience linking back to your IG account, of course.

(Please note: This post is in collaboration with Mapiful. Photos and words are sincere and this review is my own. I never agree to review products that I don't believe in or wouldn't own and use myself.)