Cloud 7: Portraits of Dog Owners & Their Dogs

I've just returned from Amsterdam where I was working with a few lovely creative women on a book project so it was SO nice to receive a solid submission in my inbox today! It's easy to feel a bit lazy after returning from a work trip - I have so much on my mind and with looming deadlines, I love it when someone sends me a submission that is as good as if I had sourced it myself. This one comes from Berlin from a new company called Cloud 7 which is completely focused on providing beautiful, quality products for dogs. I don't usually write about pets and products for them on decor8, but since dog beds are part of a room, it isn't a bad idea to actually buy one that looks good and fits your decor, right? The ones from Cloud 7 are totally my style - tactical, cozy, natural-looking and discreet - no crazy patterns or something that clashes with my home style. todd_johan_dream_ Cloud 7 produces high quality products like beds, bags, bowls, collars, leashes and other accessories for dogs and are produced fair trade from eco-friendly materials. I love their ceramic chalkboard bowls, canvas dog bag, tweed travel bed, and their many lovely dog beds. My little boy will be 19-months-old in a few days and he loves dogs way more than I notice other kids his age do, so it makes me wonder if a little dog is in our future... He runs up to them and wants to kiss and hug each dog he meets, so I've naturally had to teach him good manners with dogs so he approaches less "full on" and more gently to avoid scaring them. I love watching him around dogs though, he reacts to them so differently than he does other animals. I'm definitely considering adding a dog to our family in the next few years since I grew up with them and always loved having them around. We'll see...

Do you have dogs? Any suggestions for good breeds for children? Pugs are a very popular dog in Germany - some apartments you cannot rent with dogs but if you have a pug, a landlord will often make an exception since they are such a loved breed here. I didn't realize this until I relocated to Germany, it came as a big surprise to me.






If you love dogs, you'll enjoy these portraits from Cloud 7 as part of a recent campaign they've done... I've posted a few above because they are so nice. I love warm and friendly little creatures, I find animals one of the best things in life to be quite honest. People can come and go, make and break you, but little pets are just such a joy.

I wish you all a wonderful Labor Day weekend (in the USA) and to the rest of my dear friends online, I'll see you tomorrow! Woof!

(images: cloud 7)