Home Tour: Colorful + Chic Family Home In Nashville

Hey readers, how are you? I always love when I get fan mail, especially from a part of the world that I know well since I was raised in South Carolina... I heard from a lovely designer from the south, only in Nashville, who wanted to share her home with me and of course, all of you. After checking it out, I instantly agreed because it's colorful, happy, family-friendly and filled with gorgeous pattern and texture. I also spotted a ton of great decor ideas so as you study each photo, try to play interiors editor in your mind and pull out a few ideas that you spot. Principal interior designer Jessica Davis and her team are creative minds behind the thriving JL Design firm, a residential and commercial interior design company with a special focus on creating functional, interesting spaces in chic contemporary and retro styles, blending both style and comfort. If I could put "the south" into a box I would title it "style and comfort" now that I think of it because southern homes are known for being very stylish, whether it be over-the-top old south or a more modern preppy style, it's still got a certain gloss that feels so very southern. Comfort is another hallmark of southern design. Texture, lush materials, squashy seating, lounging on the front porch in a hammock... See what I mean? home_nashville

So let's get started with this ginormous home tour today. I asked interior designer and homeowner Jessica to walk us through each room and share what she loves and so I've inserted her comments below. The photos were all taken by Leslee Mitchell. There are many photos below so grab a cup of tea and relax for a moment as you're about to go on a little journey into a sunny and very charming family space. Oh and make sure you check Jessica out in her roller skates. That is definitely my favorite photo from the bunch!

living room..



"My living room really supports intimate conversation and reading books with the children. I enjoy the slip covered sofa because it allows me to easily wash when needed."


2nd floor hall "This is actually a shot of an area in our entry. I love having the bench there to catch a jacket or a place to sit and put on my shoes."


family room

chair2 "It was imperative for me to create family room that we could all enjoy. My boys are very young and I want them to feel like they are welcome to play throughout our home. I needed to mix and balance mature textures like the leather and seagrass and layer those with the more playful patterns and textures found in the hop scotch rug and bright pillows."

dining room


"The blue patterned rug in our dining room was really important to ground the other pieces in the room. The vintage Superman topped it off!"





"I love the clean white palette in our kitchen and unexpected pops of color and mmix of materials like the butcher block island and glass globe fixtures."




"In the bathroom, I love the contrast between the rustic vanity and chic fixtures and finishes."

JD room 3

JD Room 2Jessica Davis's room



"I love having the antique pieces in my bedroom that tell a story from my family’s history. The rocker and the vanity are both heirlooms."

Son's room

"I like to do neutral/ monochromatic for children, especially when they are young. I find it helps create a calming environment and promotes sleep. My son and I enjoy a book before bed each night in the rocker in his room".

Davis has been featured on HGTV, DIY Network and StyleBluePrint and for good reason, what lovely glimpses of her well curated and very organized and chic home! Thank you for sharing this tour with us today on decor8!

(Photography: Leslee Mitchell)