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Home Tour: Colorful + Chic Family Home In Nashville

Hey readers, how are you? I always love when I get fan mail, especially from a part of the world that I know well since I was raised in South Carolina... I heard from a lovely designer from the south, only in Nashville, who wanted to share her home with me and of course, all of you. After checking it out, I instantly agreed because it's colorful, happy, family-friendly and filled with gorgeous pattern and texture. I also spotted a ton of great decor ideas so as you study each photo, try to play interiors editor in your mind and pull out a few ideas that you spot. Principal interior designer Jessica Davis and her team are creative minds behind the thriving JL Design firm, a residential and commercial interior design company with a special focus on creating functional, interesting spaces in chic contemporary and retro styles, blending both style and comfort. If I could put "the south" into a box I would title it "style and comfort" now that I think of it because southern homes are known for being very stylish, whether it be over-the-top old south or a more modern preppy style, it's still got a certain gloss that feels so very southern. Comfort is another hallmark of southern design. Texture, lush materials, squashy seating, lounging on the front porch in a hammock... See what I mean? home_nashville

So let's get started with this ginormous home tour today. I asked interior designer and homeowner Jessica to walk us through each room and share what she loves and so I've inserted her comments below. The photos were all taken by Leslee Mitchell. There are many photos below so grab a cup of tea and relax for a moment as you're about to go on a little journey into a sunny and very charming family space. Oh and make sure you check Jessica out in her roller skates. That is definitely my favorite photo from the bunch!

living room..



"My living room really supports intimate conversation and reading books with the children. I enjoy the slip covered sofa because it allows me to easily wash when needed."


2nd floor hall "This is actually a shot of an area in our entry. I love having the bench there to catch a jacket or a place to sit and put on my shoes."


family room

chair2 "It was imperative for me to create family room that we could all enjoy. My boys are very young and I want them to feel like they are welcome to play throughout our home. I needed to mix and balance mature textures like the leather and seagrass and layer those with the more playful patterns and textures found in the hop scotch rug and bright pillows."

dining room


"The blue patterned rug in our dining room was really important to ground the other pieces in the room. The vintage Superman topped it off!"





"I love the clean white palette in our kitchen and unexpected pops of color and mmix of materials like the butcher block island and glass globe fixtures."




"In the bathroom, I love the contrast between the rustic vanity and chic fixtures and finishes."

JD room 3

JD Room 2Jessica Davis's room



"I love having the antique pieces in my bedroom that tell a story from my family’s history. The rocker and the vanity are both heirlooms."

Son's room

"I like to do neutral/ monochromatic for children, especially when they are young. I find it helps create a calming environment and promotes sleep. My son and I enjoy a book before bed each night in the rocker in his room".

Davis has been featured on HGTV, DIY Network and StyleBluePrint and for good reason, what lovely glimpses of her well curated and very organized and chic home! Thank you for sharing this tour with us today on decor8!

(Photography: Leslee Mitchell)

Home Tour: Cool, Calm and Collected Bachelor Pad
Holly Marder for decor8
Holly Marder for decor8

Hey everyone, it’s Holly Marder back again with another beautiful interior to inspire you this spring! Step inside a cool, calm and collected bachelor pad located in Haarlem, the Netherlands, belonging to Alexander Nijmolen, musician, entrepreneur and the owner of a bright blue vintage food truck. Alexander bought the double upstairs 100 square meter apartment - a former cheese warehouse - in the summer of 2013.

“I fell for the windows, with architectural style elements of the Amsterdam school. It’s nice to have so much natural light.” A city dwelling was high on his search criteria, making the location of this apartment a deciding factor for Alexander. “I really love to live in the city and to be surrounded by other people. Haarlem truly is my city, I have been born and raised here.”

Holly Marder for decor8
Holly Marder for decor8

When Alexander took over the apartment, the interior was entirely different, clad in cheap pine wood in varying colors and all round dated. First on the list was removing the wood, remodelling the kitchen and changing up the layout on the second floor to create a more spacious bedroom and bathroom. Original wooden beams were revealed, walls were plastered and the whole house received a fresh coat of paint. The works took just a few months until Alexander felt completely at home in his open and light Haarlem abode.

Holly Marder for decor8
Holly Marder for decor8

Alexander takes his decor cues primarily from the pages of magazines, as well as shops and interior boutiques. A favourite haunt for items for the home is Sukha in Amsterdam. When it comes to buying new things, quality is high on his list. “I’m selective and strongly believe in the concept ‘less is more’.” Alexander mixes varying decor styles in his home including retro, industrial and modern elements.


Open and light, white floors and walls provide a high contrast yet calm backdrop for Alexander’s eclectic array of furniture and objects. A mix of chairs surrounding a solid oak dining table create a playful dining space, with chairs from Neef Louis, Portrait and Blood New Label. An eye-catcher in the dining room, the petrol colored print of the Italian illustrator Gino Boccasille called ‘La voce che incanta Irradio’’ was a gift. The industrial lamp above the dining table from Blood New Label was originally from a German steel processing company. Simplistic styling comes easily to Alexander, with greens being the main ingredient for the minimalistic vignettes to be found around the house. Alexander buys his plants and flowers from a local favourite, Klavertje Vijf.


Alexander enjoys nothing more than to relax on his Geoffrey Harcourt chair, also from Neef Louis, in front of the wide living room windows. The cognac leather sofa he purchased at Loods5 makes a masculine yet modern statement in the eclectic space. The sleek surface is softened nicely with textiles from By Mölle and scatter pillows mostly from Wonen met Lef, and complemented by a worn vintage carpet rug from Sukha. An old yellow chest adds a quirky touch to the space.


Beyond the living room, Alexander’s kitchen features a robust concrete counter top, with Portuguese tiles he found second hand a feature on the kitchen floor.

Upstairs, Alexander’s bedroom is a calming and light attic style space featuring exposed wooden beams, a custom built in wardrobe, and textiles from By Mölle. Breaking up the simplicity in the space, Alexander’s signature industrial elements such as the black Muuto harmonica wall sconce and vintage stool as a nightstand add a masculine touch.


With his apartment a popular choice for Airbnb patrons, Alexander often stays at Monique’s place while his home accommodates international travellers. “It’s a beautiful way to get in touch with people from all over the world. They always love the apartment.” And though Monique shares a vast majority of her time with Alexander in his Haarlem abode, the interior decor is all the work of Alexander, who decorated it before meeting Monique in 2014. Together, the couple own a bright blue food truck called Spelty, making and selling organic spelt pancakes at various festivals and events. “Though a musician at heart, I realized I really love working in the catering industry. Soon after meeting, Monique and I decided to start a food truck. Monique is a star in baking pancakes and I wanted to offer something healthy, so we combined forces and started making pancakes made from spelt flour. We drive our Renault Estafette every other weekend to different places and meet new people. Besides that, it’s entrepreneurship pureblood and that really suits me.”


So guys, do tell me: what do you love most about this home? I love the striking contrast that the white floors lend against his masculine furniture and all the beautiful textiles he has brought into his home like that amazing overdyed vintage rug in the living room. Looking forward to seeing you guys again next time! - Holly

(Photography & styling: Holly Marder / Assistant styling & editorial: Lotte Herink)

Home Tour: Harmony in a Rustic French Home

Hi guys, it’s Holly Marder and I am excited to show you around a harmonious French apartment with subtle wintry and rustic touches to kick off March. This home, a culmination of two buildings - a former post house for horses dating back to 1755 and its hay reserve - has been lovingly melded into a family home for webshop owner Fanny Roux, her husband and two children. I'm sure you will love the open layout, moody kitchen and the many delicate details to be found in this chic Saint-Germain-en-Laye home, which is located in the western suburbs of Paris about 11 miles away from city center. I hope you love it just as much as I did photographing and styling it together with Fanny! holly_paris_8







When their second child was on the way, Fanny and her husband went in search of an apartment that was large enough to accommodate their growing family. When they first laid eyes on what would become their home in 2007, it was NO love affair. The space was dark with cracked walls and unattractive tiling throughout. Its only saving grace was the size and history of the building - it was spacious with potential in spadefuls.

The couple had dreamed of a home where the whole family could interact and live together without feeling cramped, in a green neighborhood that would offer a quiet and safe environment for their children but also be close to Paris.

With a knack for seeing beyond imperfections and an expert in the art of rethinking and reinventing abandoned objects, Fanny quickly realized the potential the property possessed ,and on the condition that she could make the necessary changes to the space to make it into the family home she dreamed of, she and her husband purchased the space and got to work.





The renovations took two months and were an intense time for the family. Walls, floors and ceilings were renovated with the help of local builders. Hardwood flooring was fitted throughout and skylights added to the ceiling to increase natural light to the living area. The original structure of the apartment remained untouched so the original wooden beams became a feature in the spacious living area. Gradually, their characterless and gloomy apartment became a bright and comfortable family home as you can see.

With a penchant for vintage and diverting objects from their original function, Her love of vintage goes beyond the walls of her home - Fanny turned her hobby of unearthing and reinventing vintage objects into a small business success with her online shop Le Repere des Belettes. Fanny creates surprising yet beautiful moments throughout her home through carefully crafted corners, shelves and tabletops. In the kitchen, an old manger serves as a vegetable rack, an old cake mould becomes a flower pot and an abandoned window becomes a mirror. Fanny balances out her passion for vintage and antique with modern and simplistic pieces, creating a peaceful harmony between the old and the new.

Fanny carefully selected the color scheme for each space, wanting to give each room a different atmosphere while maintaining a sense of harmony throughout. She used soft, neutral colors as a base, only adding color through furniture and accessories, which allows her to change up the interior regularly as she shuffles things around and brings in new pieces. As a webshop owner, this is not only a fun hobby but a necessary part of the job enabling her to live with the products she sells which makes her closer to the product and able to help her customers in a more intimate way. In fact, many of the things in her home she sells online.




Launched in 2011 with her partner Karine, the online store offers a carefully curated selection of design, crafts, industrial, unique and contemporary objects with a nod towards earthy materials and natural textures. Old military crates, chairs and school desks are cleaned, sanded and stripped before painted in harmonious colors and given a new lease on life.










What are your favorite aspects of this home? I can’t get past those beautiful wooden beams and all the textural lines throughout.

See you guys next with another inspiring home tour not fall in love with - Holly

(Photography, Text, Styling: Holly Marder. Editor: Holly Becker.)

Home Tour: Modern Farmhouse with Global Touches

Hey everyone, it's Holly Marder back again this month with another beautiful interior to show you! I have a sneaking suspicion you’ll love this modern home in the country so let’s jump straight in! IMG_2847lowres11

Webshop owner and interior stylist Nicole de Ridder and her partner Michiel Kok live reside in this renovated farmhouse in the Dutch countryside with their baby boy Tyn. After years of remodeling, the results are a calming and contemporary family home that boasts all the characteristics of an old farm.

Michiel purchased the 140m2 property a decade ago prior to meeting Nicole. The building, which dates back to 1922, was in a sorry state of affairs and he commenced reconstruction right away, a job which took him more than six years. After meeting Nicole, they decided to live together however Nicole felt that much was needed to complete the renovation, including a full restyle of the home’s interior. “The furnishing of the farm was pretty dark and rural, not my taste,” admits Nicole. “To feel at home, we did some redecoration together and decided to finish the job.”




The former living room consisted of two smaller rooms. Nicole and Michiel broke through the wall separating the two rooms, resulting in a large L-shaped living space. They removed a large window and replaced it with French doors which gives them access to their garden. “We thought the adaptation would take two months at most, but in the end, it cost us more than nine months,” Nicole says. “Once you start, new things will pop up. The good thing is: now the whole house is finished right down to the last details.”

Their home is a mixture of styles. “I love to combine vintage with modern items and design,” Nicole explains. “The base colours in our home are white and grey. To create some warmth, I add warm colours such as brown, yellow, orange and red. I think wood is also a great way to give a room some extra warmth.” Nicole loves bringing souvenirs home from her travels, bringing with her unique accessories with a story and sweet memories. Her favourite pieces include the large wooden sculptures from the Philippines and the souvenirs in the shelving unit from Thailand and Laos.

Nicole and Michel do have different styles when it comes to decorating. “That can be difficult sometimes,” Nicole explains. “But finally, when Michiel sees how it turned out, nine out of ten times, he will like it anyway.” Michiel’s proudest accomplishment is the master bathroom, which he designed and created himself. The walls of the bathroom were given a ‘tadelakt’ finish, giving them a rustic aesthetic.

The size of the property commanded a lot of furniture, so the couple shopped together to fill each space. With an eye for beautiful products for the home, this was a process Nicole thoroughly enjoyed.

“Through my work, I find so many treasures. My apartment in Amsterdam was too small to collect things, but the farmhouse allowed me to finally get some of these pieces and give them a nice place in our home.” One of Nicole’s favourite brands is House Doctor, a Danish label she also sells in her webshop “It’s affordable and of good quality,” Nicole explains.

The grey corner sofa in the living room is an item Michiel purchased when he lived on his own. The cushions on the sofa are from La cerise sur le gateau, a brand Nicole endorses in her webshop. Beside the sofa, is a second hand black vintage chair. The couple drove to Brussels to find one at an antique market and design fair, but didn’t succeed and drove back to the Netherlands with an empty van. In the end, they found the black vintage chair on Marktplaats, and online marketplace for used and vintage items in the Netherlands (similar to Craigslist). Small coffee tables, one white one and a black one by Hay, maintain a sense of spaciousness in the room. The hand-knotted carpet, as well as the one in the dining area, was purchased at De Munk Carpets.


The couple’s self designed and made floor-to-ceiling bookshelf was created using MDF boards. Michiel did all the carpentry and Nicole the polishing and painting. “It was not an easy job, but I really wanted this bookshelf,” Nicole says. “One day, we will move back to Amsterdam and the knowledge that we won’t be able to move this bookshelf with us makes me sad already.”

A segment of the bookshelf continues around the wall, connecting both parts of the living room and acting as a display for Nicole’s favourite objects.


The couple purchased their dining table at Raw Materials, an Amsterdam-based furniture shop. Above it, are two white Muuto lamps. The white Panton chairs were a Marktplaats find, while the yellow one was purchased new from Loods5, a large Dutch furniture store where Nicole sells her products.


The couple painted their monochromatic kitchen, brining in blue accents for a bright and cheerful space to begin the day. The kitchen table is by House Doctor and the blue cabinet was purchased at Loods5.




Adjacent to the kitchen is a guest room, where the couple accommodate their friends and family, boasting the same light and airy aesthetic as seen in the rest of the house. Many of the accessories can be purchased in Nicole’s webshop. The dotted cushions are a La cerise sur le gateau creation, while the concrete light beside the bed is from CP Collections.






The couple cleverly created a workplace in the hallway upstairs, a cosy space just under the diagonal roof that would otherwise have remained unused. Nicole uses this space to update her webshop, create new items for her own label Studio Circus making posters and postcards for kids rooms. A newly placed roof window means the space received ample light, while the black modern lights above the staircase add a modern touch to the rustic space.






Upstairs, the master bedroom features the original wooden beams, painted white. Mint green and pastel tones create a fresh and light atmosphere, offsetting the old vintage chestnut desk and chair which belonged to Michiel’s great-grandmother. Wooden blinds in chestnut and a bamboo light overhead add warmth to the space, while the carpet brings the full colour palette altogether and adds a playful element.



IMG_3160lowres13 Tyn's nursery features crisp whites with blue accents and naturally, a few posters from Studio Circus, a co-creation from his own mum.


With ample space to spare, the couple were able to turn one of the upstairs bedrooms into a dressing room, which displays all of the couple clothing on neatly organized black clothing racks from IKEA. The runner is an item from Nicole’s webshop.


Light and bright, yet with the characteristics of the old farmhouse it once was, Nicole and Michiel created a comfortable family abode blending Nordic sensibilities with subtle ethnic touches. “For me it is important to be happy when I come home, it has to feel right and this house does,” says Nicole. “Besides that, a house needs enough space to draw back whenever you feel the need.”

Well guys, I hope you enjoyed today’s tour! What are some of your favourite things about this home? My favourite things about this home are all the old wooden beams throughout and the huge self-made bookshelf and the cheerful blue cabinet in the kitchen. See you here again soon – Holly M.

(Photography, words and styling: Holly Marder | Avenue Lifestyle | Editorial assistant: Lotte Herink) 

Snug Studio Tour in Hannover

Hello dear friends and happy Friday to you! So! I decided a few months ago to shake things up and challenge myself to a new project - to focus on my photography and build my skills in that area. I've been hiring photographers on projects for years but lately, I'm shooting more for clients and even for my next book which has made me happier than I had expected. My uncle and grandfather were both professional photographers so who knows, perhaps it's a little bit of a calling? I'm not becoming a photographer but I thought I'd challenge myself to take better photos outside of my studio and home and shoot in other locations where I'd be forced to deal with different lighting, objects, people, work with others, make them happy, be in new settings... You know, stuff you need to do in order to push outside of your comfort zone. snug1LOWRES

I made an appointment several months ago with snug studio, a local design firm that I've been following since they launched, and yesterday I visited them to put together this little story for all of you.  This creative firm consists of three friends, Berit, Kerstin and Heiko and their assistant, Bettina. Above is a glimpse of their studio. In hindsight, there are many things I could have done better on this shoot and I'm a little embarrassed that their portrait didn't come out sharp below (hands over eyes), but you know what? It was my first time ever shooting a space like this and it felt pretty damn great! It only took me about 90 minutes but the buzz I felt after being there has traveled with me ever since - I loved it!

I want to create more stories for decor8 that are about my friends, local and afar, so I plan to work diligently to keep booking appointments and push myself to get out there and really create stories from scratch - style, shoot and then write about it. So here's my first attempt. I hope that you enjoy my little story about snug as much as I do!


The moment I arrived yesterday morning to their loft, which is in an old former German factory, I was greeted by warm and lovely Berit. As she showed me to their space, her partner (in life and in business) peeked out from around the corner in their massive stock area with yet another very warm hallo, and as I walked into their light-filled loft with soaring ceilings and industrial concrete floors, in came Kerstin who kindly gave me a hug and made me feel right at home, too. People make a space and although where they work is gorgeous, I was struck by their modesty, curiosity for what I was exactly going to do there, warmth and their overall openness to having me in the first place. That set the tone for the shoot and I was inspired before even taking out my camera.


I love their story because they were friends first before creating a business and I remember when they had just started snug and it was only Berit and Kerstin - and today they have a team of four and a massive loft and warehouse and work with companies near and far. It's great to see creatives go for their dreams and turn ideas into a reality. They are even up for a prestigious German design award for some of their products. What an accomplishment!

So, let's talk about some of their products. But first, below are pieces of plywood that they use to test colors to see how they'll end up looking on wood since wood and paper are what they work with most. I don't know, I just grabbed them and had to take a photo because I like seeing what goes into product design and small glimpses like this make me appreciate product design even more.


I asked Kerstin what was the inspiration behind the snug brand and she said they really are inspired by organic shapes and nature but combine them with pure, graphic motifs to give them a fresh look. I love mixing graphic and organic shapes but find it's quite hard to do because it's a real practice of restraint, yet snug does it with such ease - I really enjoy how everything they produce flows so nicely from one item to the next so it's obvious they are all being produced by the same firm. snug1LOWRES1

One of my favorite new products from snug are these wooden trees, shown above, that you can use to form just about any shape you fancy. You can also stack them and let the children play with them. love the colors and how simple yet versatile they are. I thought later that it would be so pretty to form patterns on a tabletop like the snowflakes I made above only in the center, place simple tealights.


This ABC poster is a favorite of mine, it's available in 5 colorways but my favorite is the black and white. snug14LOWRES

These cuties above are from their first big collaboration - slipper socks for kids and adults, a partnership with French design firm Collegien. Berit told me that they've just been shown at Maison + Objet in Paris, which is really exciting news. I personally must own a pair little Aidan, I love the pattern so much.


Behind their open loft space is a little eating nook, which you can see in the first image I shared at the top of this post - just look through the little window! This space consists of lighting equipment since they do all of their product photography on their own, a table and chairs for lunch, a storage dresser and a piece of plywood that they use to tack up latest inspirations.


In their lunch room I also found a few random images on the wall that Kerstin said was inspiring her lately...


They so nicely invited me to take a break with cake and coffee, but I politely declined because I had to wrap up the shoot and go home to watch my little boy. But those cakes sure looked tempting. oh my goodness! The cross candle holder and wooden cloud and chevron boards are all snug studio products.


This light from Studio Snowpuppe in the Netherlands made me smile, I really like their work and was pleasantly surprised to spot it! snug25LOWRES

This is a brand new product that they'll soon release being modeled by Berit - their ABC Tea Towel. Yes, please! I tagged this as another favorite of mine. snug2LOWRES

Another view from the lunch area looking back through into their work space. The toyblocks calendar almost came home with me! Also in this photo are their new wax and golden ratio postcards, a black deco ballmarble boxgrowth chart, wooden pendants and other snug goodies that you can find in their online shop here. snug6LOWRES

This is the view when you leave their lunch room... Behind Heiko is their stock room, a freight elevator and a small kitchen.


More random inspirations pinned to the walls, this time in the main work area.


I asked Kerstin to show us their new cards in square format - these are of three different bears - a koala, panda and polar. I adore how simple they are but also so strong!


It was nice to look down and spot this little detail in the corner of a window. A simple water glass with hydrangea. I am so touched by people who pay attention to little details. To even think to place flowers in such a random spot gives me a good feeling because it shows a certain sensitivity and appreciation for little things. This made me smile so I had to take a quick photo.


I was so in love with their floor that I asked if we could arrange a few things on it for a photo. Everything you see is their product except, of course, the sweet little succulent.


Here's the lovely portrait I took that I screwed up a little by not making sure my camera settings were correct, so Heiko is a bit blurry. Sorry dear Heiko, but they all look so cute anyway, and joyful about their work, that I didn't want to not show this photo. I was talking to someone recently and I told them that when you put your ego aside, you work better with others and feel better inside. I thought to apply my own advice here. To put my ego aside... It may not result in the best photo technically-speaking but it does give you a good feeling to see them together in their space doesn't it? For me, it's my favorite photo from the shoot.


And finally, their new wall columns calendar (another fave of mine, great color!) and their new deco balls which are not yet listed on their website - coming soon!

Thank you snug for welcoming me to your Hannover studio this week to give your worldwide fans a chance to see where you create your products, right here in my city. It was an honor to spend time with you!

Have a nice weekend everyone, see you on Monday. I'm off to the zoo with my little boy!

(Photography: Holly Becker for decor8)

Home Tour: Eclectic + Colorful Paris Apartment

Can we just talk about this very fabulous living room and kitchen for a moment because it made me very happy when I spotted it right before nearly logging off for the night. Damn the internet, always distracting me! But this is just SO GOOD. You can see more over here. Wow. Lots of white punctuated with great color and hello, that glittery eyelash photo, amazing octopus-like ceiling light and jaw-droppingly awesome sofa - c'mon! This is the stuff of dreams! Screen-Shot-2014-07-14-at-2.30.35-PM


Now let's talk about this subway tile, seating, mirrored-table and the floors! Oh the floors! Any of this doing it for you too? I love the use of purple and yellow in this home with lots of gray. Very cool.

Screen-Shot-2014-07-14-at-2.31.07-PM Screen-Shot-2014-07-14-at-2.31.15-PM

Such a great bedroom, looks like it's in Australia not Paris, right? I adore the pops of pink on the bed. Some people make using color so effortless don't they? Gorgeous editing in this place.


What do you like about this swank pad? For me, it's the use of color. And yes, I am unapologetically STILL a lover of a fresh, white base. I was reading a new design book last week where the designer really came out against white homes like this one above and said white is totally boring and I couldn't help but think it's such a personality thing. I could never go dark and bold, deep and moody or hunter's lodge-y or even anything remotely like that. My personality just would clash and dark walls wouldn't inspire me AT ALL. I love them in a hotel room or where I'm temporarily cocooning, but not in my living space.

Color is so psychological and while some people like their colors light, others love over the top and bold and still others, moody and dark. I will never apologize for liking what I like and I don't care what any designer or anyone else says is cool or "the way" to decorate. What's cool in my opinion is to follow your own instinct and rock your home with what speaks to you - color, some color, no color, dark color - it's your home, so it's your choice right?

Oh this apartment is so sweet and the fact that is sits directly in Paris definitely makes it even more appealing... Imagine rolling out of bed in the morning and onto the streets of Paris?

To quote Megan Draper, "Zou Bisou Bisou!".

See you Monday everyone.

(Designer: Sandra Behaumou, Photographer: Montse Garriga Source: Elle Decor España)