DIY Candle Holders From Furniture Legs


I'm particularly excited to share a fun DIY project with you today, to kick off the week, because it's a quick and effective one... You can't go wrong! In fact, the results are also comparable to what you can find in the design stores. I'm always on a look out for interesting objects that could be repurposed and transformed into something else. I look at everything with curious eyes, "Hmmmm... What could this become?". This time I tried using my imagination with wooden furniture legs. I spotted them in a local hardware store and instantly fell in love with their shape. I knew they could become something fun and useful and then, the idea of candle holders came to mind. Agata Dimmich for decor8

What I really like about them is that they are stylish but don'’t try to look too fancy. They are great both for special occasions like holidays and birthdays, and casual Saturday dinners with friends. I like the look of raw wood, however if you prefer more finished look, you can paint them in your favorite colors. I kept two raw and painted one with white paint.

SUPPLY LIST (for raw, add paint and a brush if you intend to paint them) - 3 different sizes (shape and color) of wooden furniture legs - A drill - Screwdriver - Golden metal wire - Golden curtain ring for decoration (and wood glue)

Agata Dimmich for decor8

HOW TO: 1. Some furniture legs already have screws inside so you will need to take them out before drilling - I've used a screwdriver for this, but depending on the leg you might find other tools more useful. 2. Once the screws are out, drill holes in the legs, big enough to hold your candles. I recommend checking (keep trying to fit the candle) while you drill to make sure the hole is not too big. 3. Wash all 3 legs well (to remove the dust from drilling) and wait for them to dry. 4. I have decorated one of the candle holders with a golden metal wire and glued a golden curtain ring on top of the other with hardware glue, however this step is optional.

Agata Dimmich for decor8

That's it! I can't tell you how much I love the atmosphere created with candlelight. I have a lot of candle holders at home, including some pricey ones by favorite design firms, but right now these three are my absolute favorites! So little money and time, yet so much happiness!

How do you like this idea? Is it your kind of DIY? Wish you all a beautiful day with lots of creative energy! See you here again with my next DIY column on May 9th!

Love, Agata.

(Photography, DIY Idea, Styling, Text: Agata Dimmich, Editor: Holly Becker)