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5 Ways To Create a Mindful, Minimalist Work Space

Hello dear decor8 friends, how have you been? It's me Agata, I hope you had a great and inspiring start of the year. January to me is the month of new beginnings and major resolutions like work space organizing, often easier said than done!

5 Ways To Create a Mindful, Minimalist Work Space on decor8

A minimal work space is definitely a thing of beauty, we like to see it in the pages of the magazines, thinking it would be hard to achieve in our own home, am I right? Growing up in a world where we are constantly being persuaded to have more, own more and buy more, the idea of intentionally living with less seems almost impossible. It seems to be an approach we are never introduced to, turns out it's not the matter of, "where would I keep all my things" but, ‚"do I really need all my things?" Do I need all of those plastic pens and papers on my desk? How about keeping only what we truly need and truly want to see? Sounds tempting?

5 Ways To Create a Mindful, Minimalist Work Space on decor8

Don't be scared, it doesn't necessary mean to empty the room (not at all!) at least not to me. I believe in surrounding myself with the objects I find inspiring: the magazine cut out I could look at all day, a calendar with handmade calligraphy, a favorite lamp, 3 pairs of scissors (because I love each design!). There is no rule as long as the object makes us happy each time we look at it.

5 Ways To Create a Mindful, Minimalist Work Space on decor8
5 Ways To Create a Mindful, Minimalist Work Space on decor8

Work space is our work and concentration zone, it is important to make it uncluttered, functional but also inspiring and visually interesting, especially for those of us working in a creative field.
The creative minds know that is important to stay inspired during the working hours. Whether you are an artist, painter, graphic designer, interior stylist, writer, photographer, visual stimulation is what motivates us and gives us the creative power, so here are 5 tips to style your desk in an inspiring yet minimal way:

5 Ways To Create a Mindful, Minimalist Work Space on decor8

1. Interior style

In order to make your work space truly inspiring, make sure it is in line with your personal style. If, for example, you don't like the look of the big, black, leather chairs don't get them for your home office, it is not a corporate desk, it's your home, so your work space should represent you.

2. Essentials

Think about each tool you have in your work space, staplers, hole puncher, dozens of pens (though when needed, impossible to find!) Eliminate the unnecessary. Make sure that what is left is not only functional but makes you happy. Pens and scissors can be pretty too! Here are 3 questions which can help you determine what you should keep:

  • How often will I use it?
  • Do I want to keep it?
  • How does it affect my mood?

3. Inspiration

Mix essentials needed for your job (computer/camera/paints) with daily inspiration so your mind does not drift somewhere else every time you sit down to work, but stays right where you are. Try to come up with creative ways to surround yourself with items that make you feel inspired and motivated. It can be anything from mood boards to photos of your dream home.

4. Less is more

A minimalist approach helps to create a space with less distraction, more freedom, and more time to focus on our work.  When considering office furniture, opt for clean lines which aid in concentration.

5. Styling

A little bit of thoughtfulness in your arrangements through styling helps to display your inspiration and essentials in a pleasing way. Play with what's on your desk to create a nice composition. Just make sure you still have a little bit of space to actually work *wink*.

What do you think? Do you like the minimal approach?

See you again in February everyone! - Agata

(Photos, Text, Styling: Agata Dimmich)

How To Style Your Walls with Transparent Frames

Today we will talk about styling the walls with frames, not just any frame, but the recent styling hit - the transparent designs. Have you seen them around too? By the way, hello everyone, how are you? It's Agata and I'm back on decor8 with my monthly styling tip post.


I'm definitely the kind of person who likes to try new things, experiment with new designs, and mix and match materials so I always look for new ways to do that at home. Not all of the experiments turn out well (I do have quite a few 'stars' on my list) but if never try, I wouldn't know, so I just keep experimenting. Do you do this too?


This time around, I played with transparent frames and dried botanicals. Why not normal frames you wonder? Transparent ones might look like a regular empty frame at first, but they give us more creative possibilities to capture elements inside, creating the illusion that the elements are floating in the air because the frames have no backs.


Inside of your frame, you display whatever you'd like  - a print, photographs, however, my preferred option is leaves, where we can see their delicate structure. Just like classic botanical illustrations from books, except this time they are real, modern and on-trend - plus you made them yourself.


For these looks, I tried two different option to see which one would be best and I have to say it's a hard choice as I like both looks, which one do you like better? A dried leaf or the fluffy country grass?


Another way of using transparent frames is displaying it as a background for other objects, to add depth and create a layered look. You can place it against the wall in your bedroom drawer, mantel, cupboard and build a little scene around - display a plant, figure or a few small objects in front of it. As I mentioned before it's great to experiment and see what you like.

SHOPPING TIP: Try the MOEBE frames from Denmark to create this look.

Have a great day, I will be back next month with another interior styling tip for you! - Agata

(Photography, Styling, Text: Agata Dimmich)

3 Ways To Style Your Home With Style Icon + Model Prints

Hello dearest decor8 readers! It's Agata here and I'm extremely happy to be back with my monthly column where I will be sharing my styling tips to make your home and daily moments pretty and 'Instagrammable'! I will focus on current trends, micro and macro tendencies, so you can expect to see a lot of what is currently considered 'Pinteresting'.


Today I would like to share with you fashion icon and model photography. I'm sure you've noticed (you must have seen it around!) that fashion prints, model posters, black and white magazine pages or one's own photography is a current a big styling hit. With b&w images, ranging from vintage shots of actresses to some of the most recognizable supermodels, appear in stylish homes being used as a great accessory to decorate walls, shelves, workspaces and even kitchen counters. A home’s style is defined by its details, because those little items are often what really makes a home personal and interesting.


Try styling your home with fashion icon/model prints, model photography, magazine cut outs, posters or you might try modelling in the photos yourself, wouldn't that be fun? It does not necessary have to be a high-end fashion photo, it can certainly be you in the photo in an interesting pose then converted to a black and white print.


What can we do with these prints in our home? Here are 3 suggestions:

1/ Elegant Look - the most elegant style is to frame and hang prints on the wall. You can't go wrong with that. Black and white is timeless. Fashion icons and beautiful models never go out of style so prints are a great way to introduce a fashionable, even a bit edgier, look at home. Try browsing Etsy and search for 'fashion model prints' - you will find tons of posters to choose from. Some of my personal favorites include those from Via Martine.

2/ Gallery Wall - Since framed model prints look great, why not create a gallery wall and group them together? Galleries are usually tied together by colors, frames or a theme - in this case models, beautiful ladies, fashion could be the theme - a great opportunity to reflect your personal style.

3/ Effortless Look -  Such prints are stylish on their own hence they look also great without frames, effortlessly displayed around the house. For example a print above your desk attached with washi tape, a photo taped inside of a bookcase or shelf, some on a mood board in your work space made from magazine clippings. This effortless look is my favorite way to display model prints, what about you?


All of these ways create a lived-in, homey look which we all love, that's why Instagram became so popular. We love to peek into someone's home to see a current mood whether that be their work in progress, a creative desk, a mood board, so something else.

Would you add something to this list? Do you like this micro-trend?

Have a great weekend and I'll see you again next month. - Agata

(Photography and Text: Agata Dimmich for decor8)

DIY Bed Tray

Hello everyone. How are you? Hope you had a nice weekend! I think you might agree with me, that Sunday mornings, or afternoons for that matter, feel best when spent in bed. And I don't mean sleeping, oh no! It's about having a cozy moment with a favorite book, sweet treats, magazines or a TV series watched on a laptop, while relaxing on soft layers of blankets and comfy pillows. Sounds very tempting, right? In case you wondered what I did yesterday, this is it - I had a little Sunday bed party with peach aperitivo, some good reads...and well yes, my camera to document it for you! The crucial item to make this moment perfect is to have a handy bed tray near you, where you can place a little plate with food, reading glasses - to be sure you don't sit on them or to place your laptop if you want to watch something. I know it's very mean to speak about lazy, bed moments on Monday but on your next lazy day, this bed tray has to be part of your morning ritual. I can guarantee you that once you have it - you will be wondering how you could have lived without it.

It is super easy to make and doesn't require advanced any carpenters skills to create it. Now that I (hopefully) convinced you to make it, let me show you how:

SUPPLIES * a 50 x 40 cm wooden plank * 2 rectangular shaped wooden sticks - 38 cm long each * very strong wood glue * sandpaper * white wood paint and black permanent marker * masking tape


HOW TO * Start by polishing all the wooden elements with sandpaper, then rinse them with water to wash all the dust off. * Mark the area you want to paint with a masking tape then paint it. * When dry, using a black permanent pen draw little dots pattern on it. * Turn the wood upside down and glue the wooden 'legs' to it at the ends using a strong glue. * Leave the glue to dry well over the night.


And taaa daaa! Now you can enjoy your Sunday mornings, with a breakfast in bed!


This is my final post on decor8 so I want to say that it's been a great pleasure to share my DIYs with such a great audience and thank you for all your lovely comments and support! I hope you will keep in touch via my blog (Passion Shake) and social media. Wishing you all a beautiful Summer! - Agata

(Photography, DIY idea, Text, Styling: Agata Dimmich)

DIY: Modern Hanging Desk Organizers
Agata Dimmich for decor8
Agata Dimmich for decor8

Hello everyone, how are you today? I have a new DIY idea for you and it's going to be fun, are you ready to play along? Home is a place where we spend large parts of our lives, so it's important to make it joyful. What I mean by that, is keeping an eye on the items we use in our daily activities like cooking, cleaning, working - are they pretty? Do they make you smile when you look at them? Or are they only functional?

I always believe it's possible to combine all of the above and make some magic happen! This is why I decided to turn super-normal cups into the DIY Hanging Desk Organizers. It's a great accessory to hold a little flower or those pens that always seem to disappear when you most need them. Problem solved! Now they will hang right in front of your eyes, so you can't miss them!

Agata Dimmich for decor8
Agata Dimmich for decor8

I have decided to go for pink and splatter combination which seems to be very much trending this year, however I encourage you to get creative and come up with your own, personalized patterns and colors.

Agata Dimmich for decor8
Agata Dimmich for decor8

Here's what you will need to complete this project: 1. 2 simple plastic cups 2. drill 3. a string 4. round wooden stick 5. pink spray paint (specific for plastic) 6. black paint (specific for plastic) 7. paint brush 8. nail and hammer (to hang the cups on the wall)

Agata Dimmich for decor8
Agata Dimmich for decor8
Agata Dimmich for decor8
Agata Dimmich for decor8

Instructions: 1. We will start off by drilling little wholes in the cups, more or less 1,5 cm down from the top. Tip: If you'd prefer your cups to hang straight, drill two holes in each cup. 2. Wash your cups well from all the dust and wait for them to dry well. 3. Using pink spray, paint one of the cups. Add splash pattern to the other, playing with black paint and the paint brush, then leave the paint to dry well (you don't want to have it on your wall! *wink*) 4. In the meantime - prepare the wooden element. Cut it to the desired size and drill a hole in it, big enough to cover the nail with it. 5. Pass the string through the holes of your cups and secure well with a big knot, then hang them on the wall. 6. At the end, cover the nail with a wooden element.

Agata Dimmich for decor8
Agata Dimmich for decor8
Agata Dimmich for decor8
Agata Dimmich for decor8

That's it! How do you like the result? I wish you an fantastic May and I’ll be back in June with another DIY idea for you to try. If you have any specific projects you would like me to do, please let me know in the comment section below. I would love to hear your thoughts! - Agata xo

(Text, Styling + Photography: Agata Dimmich)

DIY Candle Holders From Furniture Legs
Agata Dimmich for decor8
Agata Dimmich for decor8

I'm particularly excited to share a fun DIY project with you today, to kick off the week, because it's a quick and effective one... You can't go wrong! In fact, the results are also comparable to what you can find in the design stores. I'm always on a look out for interesting objects that could be repurposed and transformed into something else. I look at everything with curious eyes, "Hmmmm... What could this become?". This time I tried using my imagination with wooden furniture legs. I spotted them in a local hardware store and instantly fell in love with their shape. I knew they could become something fun and useful and then, the idea of candle holders came to mind.

What I really like about them is that they are stylish but don'’t try to look too fancy. They are great both for special occasions like holidays and birthdays, and casual Saturday dinners with friends. I like the look of raw wood, however if you prefer more finished look, you can paint them in your favorite colors. I kept two raw and painted one with white paint.

SUPPLY LIST (for raw, add paint and a brush if you intend to paint them) - 3 different sizes (shape and color) of wooden furniture legs - A drill - Screwdriver - Golden metal wire - Golden curtain ring for decoration (and wood glue)

Agata Dimmich for decor8
Agata Dimmich for decor8

HOW TO: 1. Some furniture legs already have screws inside so you will need to take them out before drilling - I've used a screwdriver for this, but depending on the leg you might find other tools more useful. 2. Once the screws are out, drill holes in the legs, big enough to hold your candles. I recommend checking (keep trying to fit the candle) while you drill to make sure the hole is not too big. 3. Wash all 3 legs well (to remove the dust from drilling) and wait for them to dry. 4. I have decorated one of the candle holders with a golden metal wire and glued a golden curtain ring on top of the other with hardware glue, however this step is optional.

Agata Dimmich for decor8
Agata Dimmich for decor8

That's it! I can't tell you how much I love the atmosphere created with candlelight. I have a lot of candle holders at home, including some pricey ones by favorite design firms, but right now these three are my absolute favorites! So little money and time, yet so much happiness!

How do you like this idea? Is it your kind of DIY? Wish you all a beautiful day with lots of creative energy! See you here again with my next DIY column on May 9th!

Love, Agata.

(Photography, DIY Idea, Styling, Text: Agata Dimmich, Editor: Holly Becker)