Decorate For a Party: Cover Reveal + Pre-Order!


I'm so happy that today I can finally share the name of my next book, my fourth (!), and it's called Decorate For a Party: Stylish And Simple Ideas For Meaningful Gatherings! AND.... We have a cover, which I styled and photographed myself. In fact, I took over 100 photos that appear inside of the book, and my co-author Leslie Shewring shot even more along with Janis Nicolay, Holly Marder and Laure Joliet. Girl power for sure! Leslie and I so much fun and loads of help on this project between friends helping us set tables, home owners modeling for photos, friends helping to break down rooms, talented girls doing calligraphy, others running errands, we made huge messes with paper... Our friends appear in this book, my little boy, my home, Leslie's studio, homes in Europe, California and Canada... Here's the cover...

This project means so much to Leslie and I and we are happy to share it with you too. I CANNOT BELIEVE this is happening, another book, and on a topic I'm so passionate about - gathering friends and family at home and how to decorate for your party that is stylish and pretty but not overly time-consuming, very budget-friendly without looking cheesy, and quite easy to pull off.

If there is one thing that drives me crazy, it's having to worry and fuss when I have people over. I want the parties I plan to feel like I went out of my way, so guests feel special, but I don't want them to think I went over-the-top which could intimidate them and make them afraid to invite ME over to their parties in return. I hate doing that - setting a scene so perfectly that people are almost afraid to be themselves and relax. I’ve been working on this book for over a year now with Leslie, we teamed up because she is the queen of entertaining with her annual Christmas parties for 25-30 family members and the many birthday parties and fests she throws throughout the year. I have been throwing parties for as long as I can remember too, so to team up was a lot of fun for us because we love the topic.

The cover is embossed with copper foil lettering and cloth and it's loaded with ideas, full color images, DIY projects, and gorgeous parties that we created and photographed specifically for this book.


The best part is, you can pre-order the book today! It comes out in September in English in both the UK and North America AND in October it will be available in German. More languages will follow in the months to come.

UK on Amazon US on Amazon US at Barnes & Noble Canada at Indigo In German at, the title is Feierlaune- Die schönsten Deko- & Food-Ideen für entspannte & fröhliche Feste #decorateforaparty

What do you think about the cover? Are you excited to see inside? I can't wait to show you more in the weeks to come and Leslie and I really hope that you love it.