Clean, Clear Laid Back Green and Peach Interiors

I'm REALLY feeling this laid back summer home style that's so clear and clean, so coastal, so boho minus the patchouli 60s vibe... It's just great. Breezy, easy, tactile and lots of pretty green tones and shades of pale orange. So summery and just yum. cleanboho








I've been thinking a lot lately when I look at the photos I love, reminding myself to stop and consider WHAT I FEEL when I gaze upon a photo that feels as though it's speaking to me.

  • What is it saying exactly?
  • What do I like about it?
  • How does it make me feel?
  • Do I smell anything?
  • Do I hear a particular song?
  • Or another sound, is there something else coming to my ears when I look at the image?
  • What about the scene is vibing with me, the composition, colors, location?

It's so important to explore the way work we like is REALLY truly impacting us. We are always so quick to say, " This inspires me sooooo much!" or "I love this  photo, pin!!!". But maybe try to think a lot more about what's resonating with you exactly. This is so interesting and it gives you a real sense of self and can help you to tap into your personal style.

Have a nice weekend!

(Photo credits: Alexandra StrongLine Thit KleinElle Denmark, House of Valentina, Apartment TherapyBonbon Oiseau, Greenbody Greenhome, David Waves, Serax, SFGirlByBay, UO Blog, Cup of Joe, Over The Ocean, The Glitter GuideCarrie Waller, Aww Sam)