10 Favorite Rug Sources That I Love


I love throw rugs, in fact I have 11 currently but about 10 more in storage. Yeah, it's a little problem, sort of like my chair fetish and problem with indulging in ribbons and paper products and ceramics. Most decor enthusiasts and stylists and decorators and okay, designers and anyone else who is working in a field that involves the home, develops obsessions / fixations on specific things. What is yours? caitlinwilsondesign1

I grew up with wall-to-wall carpet in every home I'd ever lived in until I was 16. Wood floors only arrived to my living space when my parents moved to Boston, to the Swampscott/Marblehead border, and our beachfront home had wooden floors and it was just surreal to me, at sweet 16, to walk on wooden floors. It felt naked, empty, unfinished. I instantly purchased throw rugs for comfort and texture. So many years later, though I love wood, concrete, tile and anything but wall-to-wall carpet, I still prefer the feeling of a soft rug beneath my feet.

Aside from obvious comfort, I also love how they ground the room and in larger rooms, help to define spaces. For instance, a living/dining room combo in a loft can become two rooms without the expense of addition of walls - just add a large area rug beneath your dining table and chairs and a second rug beneath your sofa and seating area to define each "room". Rugs are really good like that.

If you have wall-to-wall carpet, lots of people still insist on throw rugs to add another layer of comfort but even more, to bring in color and pattern. Some renters have wall-to-wall and don't like it so by adding an area rug they are able to inject some color and a more personal touch to their rental home.


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Where do I buy rugs? I'll list my most recent suppliers below, my current top 10. Some are in Germany or Denmark but most are available and/or based in the USA. I also have a new source that I'm loving that I found while perusing Pinterest this morning, an interiors brand called Caitlin Wilson Design. LOVE. I really want one of CWD's rugs now and am trying to figure out which one and how I'm going to make this happen. I've sprinkled this post with great rugs from their website - fantastic patterns, right!?


Okay so here are my 10 Great Rug Sources at the moment. 1 / Lulu & Georgia - Modern, feminine, eclectic, they have it all. 2 / Dash & Albert - More traditional, very well made. 3 / Impressionen - They stock many brands from all over Europe, not a lot of rugs in their catalog but what they do carry are really good 4 / ABC Carpet + Home - I love buying and/or drooling at their carpets. When in NYC, I always visit their store to see what's new. They always stock the freshest finds. 5 / House Doctor - Danish firm with nice rugs that are geometric, hand woven, and very affordable. 6 / Armadillo - Australian firm that has dealers in Europe and now, an American showroom. I love their rugs, I have 3 and find them just wonderful and so natural. 7 / HK Living - They have lots of rugs from Morocco that are quite colorful and fun. 8 / West Elm - More trend-driven rugs, very nice, great quality, love this resource for not only price but selection. 9 / Pink Rug Co - I love this Etsy dealer who lives in Morocco and has the best vintage rugs ever. Affordable too and she ships globally. 10 / and... Caitlin Wilson Design - Fun colors and patterns, glamorous, girly and preppy.

I also have a little bonus for you today. Have you ever wondered about rug sizing and placement by room? Caitlin Wilson Design has a very informative post on their blog about this with illustrations for living, dining and bedroom. Here's the link.

Where do you get YOUR rugs?

(Photography: Caitlin Wilson Design)