Magical Midsommer In Gotland Sweden

Good morning friends, I hope that you had a very nice weekend. I spent time in the countryside which was refreshing and relaxing - picking flowers, walking through the vast fields, taking photos and enjoying time with my little boy. I woke this morning to realize that I'd not shared many photos with you from my trip to Gotland. If you recall this past June, I was on a styling and photography retreat taught by German Artist Dietland Wolf in Sweden... And do to begin the week here is my Midsummer photo story with a strong focus on the land where we stayed and the golden sunlight. midsommer_gotland_01

All of these were taken on the last evening of my stay on Gotland when the sun bathed the island in the most radiant golden, warm light. When I first started taking photos, the light was more clear and white... Then it slowly became more and more golden. You will notice this in the photos I think. It was surreal to experience the sunset there; I'd not experienced light quite like this before, it was magical and left me in love with Gotland even more. I felt like the island was a special place for not only its natural beauty and stillness, but for the light quality. I noticed it constantly no matter how clear the skies - the island always had the most beautiful light quality so taking photos was a dream come true for me.





midsommer_gotland_07 I hope you've enjoy these photos as much I enjoyed taking them. As I was roaming the property where we stayed to capture my surroundings, I felt overwhelmed with emotion as I knew the next morning I would fly home and I didn't want the magic to end. I could have easily spent a month on that island (or the entire summer) if my little boy could have been by my side. I kept thinking that the island was perfect for children and families because there was so much to explore and was like going back in time - everything there was so simple, fresh and connected to nature. The bakeries, the farms where we ate, even the little gift shops - simple and authentic in every way.





If you ever get a chance to vacation to the island of Gotland, or take a workshop with Dietlind, don't even think twice about it - go - and bring your camera! (Photography: Holly Becker for decor8)